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Full Version: Speedometer strangeness
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Afternoon all,

Took the Delorean out for a nice drive today, its been a VERY long time since I did that. Anyway, the speedo seems to have developed an interesting quirk.
Check out the video

Anyone got any thoughts on how I go about diagnosing and fixing this one?


I recon the cable is slipping in the plastic drive cap or the cap is rotating.
The cable and angle drive may have dried out and the damage is partially done hence the partial reading you getting.  If the angle drive dries out then the plastic cup starts to round off giving the effect you're having now.  Take your front near side wheel off and the plastic cup and see how freely you can rotate the spindle that sticks into the cup with you finger and thumb.  It should be easy but if stiff then the angle drive needs lubing.  The cup can be tested to see if the cable can partially rotate in the cup, if so replace the cup.  Your lower cable maybe on the way out too.  This is what happened in my case but luckily I have the Speedograph angle drive and after squeezing fresh grease into it, plus a new cup and lower cable (my lower cable had snapped too) all was smooth again.