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Full Version: What is this ground cable for??
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I started to investigate the fuel gauge issue (which I didn’t finish)
And came across this loose ground wire (clearly chewed) and have no idea where it goes to..... 
any ideas?

[Image: 2858F0AB-4037-4789-A930-C73318DE7DBB.jpeg]

Also, how do you guys get to the connector for the fuel sender? Mine is under the fibre glass and the wire is so tightly packed that I can’t pull it out to start my investigations...
That should connect to the neck of the fuel filler cap under the fibreglass. If you look under and up at the fuel filler tube, you should see the connection point where that black ground previously joined.
Perfect, thanks for that.

I'm glad I came across this - mine is missing - well I tell a lie, there's a black wire in my box of bits with a O terminal on the end - I'll do that then !!