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Full Version: Window Regulator issues - any ideas?
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Hi all,

My car came with a broken window regulator on the passenger side - could hear the motor whirring but window was stuck open.

The previous owner gave me a replacement second-hand regulator, so I finally got round to doing the swap.

After taking the door panels off, I could see that the old regulator had a snapped plastic bracket part of the mechanism.

I tested the replacement regulator, and nothing happened when I tried the switch up/down.

I then double checked the wiring by testing the old one and that whirred ok.

I assumed the motor of the replacement regulator had gone, so I removed the motor from my original regulator, and put that with the mechanism of the replacement - this also did not work.

So, both motors turn ok when seperated from the mechanism, but if I screw on the mechanism neither work - I just hear a click but no movement.

Is there something I can do to free up this replacement mechanism?

The picture below shows my original and the replacement - you can see the top one has a broken bracket.

Two options. First one is to fix your old one by placing a piece of metal between the plastic and the part that broke off. You need to dril a hole in the plastic make piece of metal. One chance that works.

The second one is to measure where you have a bad connection with a ohm meter on the spare.

You can do both and you still have a good spare one left. :-)
Yeah I was thinking of trying to fix the original one with a bit if metal or something.

The replacement motor does work, but only when separated from the mechanical screw bit. Think the screw bit is jammed. Not sure how to free it up though.
This is what I made a couple off years ago.
Seems my original mechanism is also jammed up. Motor works fine on its own but not when connected into the mechanism.
I'm not good in technical terms, but you can remove the spring that pushes the window up from the mechanisme. Maybe oil and grease made it difficult to handle, what propably caused the plastic to brake. The inside you can clean with some WD40. Some rust can build up inside ... ;-)
I tried that today but the mechanism is completely knackered on the replacement and still very stiff on my original. Can slide the slider and spring thing up and down OK when there is no motor screwed on but as soon as I put the motor on it all seizes.

Oh well at least I tried!
My passengers side just gave up on me yesterday. Because the brushes inside the spring that slides in the mecanisme is worn out, I think the tollerence inside the moter is to big and blocks. I would think fixing it with angel wire er using the other end of the cable... other choice is ordering a new set from Ed...