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Full Version: Craig aux port - anyone tried?
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Hey all - I'm thinking of doing this at some point and was wondering if anyone has tried it? Looks pretty simple, and means you get a much cleaner sound.

It's something I want to do, there are a few people who do this commercially. But I don't want to do it until I can get the frequency changed (Chip?) in my ASI at the same time. The word on the street is our tech guy (hint hint) was supposed to be working on something?
I don't have an original Craig radio in my car. I have a modern stereo. I integrated an iPod interface to that years ago and it works well. Well worth doing to prevent the need to listen to whistling radio noise in time with the speed of the engine or a crackly at best car radio reception.
The nice thing about this mod is that you also put in a switch to turn power off to the radio so you don't get any interference. Will be fun to do at some point when I fancy it.