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Full Version: Distributor cap orientation?
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Hi all - I am going to swap out my cap with a new one soon, and just had a question on orientation.

I know there is a notch in the cap for alignment purposes (i took a pic and highlighted the notch - see below), and I assume there is a cutout on the distributor body to accomodate it (haven't had time to look properly)

However, if this is the case, how do people sometimes manage to put it on 180° rotated? Surely it shouldn't fit?

I looked at the distributor itself earlier - thankfully the notch is quite obvious. Still not sure how people fit it on incorrectly as I wouldn't have thought the clips would then reach.

I took a pic in case anyone is interested - the dust cove ralso has a tab that fits into the notch:

It happens, I guess it's usually when trying to do it without removing the fuel metering head as you have done. IIRC it does notch in 180degrees out (or feels like that)
Ah OK - well I'd better not screw this up considering I can actually see it lol