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Full Version: Interior light diodes
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Hi all,
        Looking for some help on sorting a problem with my cars interior dome lights.
Door lights work fine and dome lights work in the manual mode. However when set to work with opening of the doors they do not come on.

The white delay module is removed. 
And I have checked the three Pektron diodes in the driver's footwell. 
Using diode check on my multimeter the Blue A475-294 diode has failed (closed no flow)  and the Red A475-294 has failed (open flow in both directions)

The vendors only show white and black versions. What version should I use to replace these?

Many Thanks
Answered my own question...Doh. Main Harness item 14 3 off 1 amp diodes. Black A75-294.

I wonder why the made the same rating (1 amp) in different colours?