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Full Version: Craig Radio repair
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I have an original Craig in my D. The radio function works fine, but the tape player isn't working. I think that i should be able to repair it though if i can get it out and open it up.

Does anyone know how to remove the Craig? 

I've read a couple of places that you just remove the vents above it, unscrew the bolt at the rear and then push it back and pull it up through the vent space. Has anyone on here actually managed to do it this way? I've removed the vents and rubber boots but can't work out where the bolt is or how the hell to get to anything behind the Craig. If anyone could offer any advice on how they managed to get it out I'd be eternally grateful.


Never tried the way you suggest myself, I suppose it's possible but it's not to much of a faff to remove the centre console itself to get to it properly.
I removed my Craig via the method you suggest. It helps to remove the main center console portion too, as there is a long bracket at the back of the radio that needs removing to squeeze it out via the vents.

It's been a while, but the process is approximately;

  1. Remove two screws in coin tray at rear of console, remove coin tray
  2. Pop out ash tray and all the window/fogger switches
  3. Unscrew the gear selector surround (I have manual so it's 2 screws, not sure on an auto)
  4. You should now have access to all the nuts holding the console down. It should be 8 of them I believe (4 rear at the coin tray, 4 at the front under the gear selector surround)
  5. Disconnect the cigarette lighter
  6. Remove the nuts connecting the front of the console to the passenger and drivers side knee pads (if present)
  7. Console should slide out now, presenting plenty of access to the radio area
  8. Remove radio nobs with gently amount of pressure, then the radio face-plate too
  9. Everything should now be exposed to remove from the front, and access to the rear is available to disconnect the wiring and unbolt the long bracket at the back
    You've already got the vents out so I skipped that part, but otherwise those steps should mostly be correct. Don't have access to my car or my workshop manuals/notes at the moment as I'm in the process of moving house so I apologise for the crude nature of my notes.For re-fitting process is the same in reverse. The rubber boots for the vents are a bit of a pain to re-seat, so I'd recommend sitting them in some hot water in advance to make them more malleable again. Then fit the boots to the airbox and slide the vents in whilst the boots are still warm.
There is a bolt right at the back, access it from your back in the foot well fiddly but doable.

I've never heard of removing the whole centre console just to get the radio out, regardless of it being relatively easy to remove the centre consol, with old fragile trim peices my rule is don't move them unless absolutely required.

The radio will quite happily come out through the vents.

Hi C.Douch

I put my radio in for repairs at a guy who used to fix them. My tapes where running slow.
He put a new rubber belt in and now she runs fine. He said it's a good radio, no rubbish though never seen many American radio's before.
I have a spare belt. I could send you a picture of it. Not beeing a lot of these belts left, I'm keeping mine though.
Some guy on facebook page Delorean Fanatics was advertising that he is converting Craig's radios to Bluetooth. Sounds like some option if you want to convert.
Or get yourself one of these, a tape that acts as a Bluetooth receiver:
IDC BluTape
I got my radio back from repairs.

The display wasnt working as it schould. Does anybody know if they still have the plastic strip that connects the display to the printplate ?
Everything is soldered with wiring now, but lets say it is not a ideal solution...