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Full Version: Clutch kit, part numbers
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A question for those who have changed the clutch in there cars....
I know Dan has been good enough to supply the part number for Motaquip clutch kits. However does anyone have the part number for the other brands; Valeo Etc Etc? As its sometimes easier to get other makes.


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Rich Hutchinson
DOC 365 VIN 1274

Richard <Richh11@...> wrote:
For anybody thinking of replacing the clutch or doing work on the gear
box, here are a few part numbers (and prices inc VAT) that may be

All bits apart from the crankshaft oil seal and clutch were extracted
from a local Renault Dealer, I tracked them down to one of the Alpine

Gear box rear gasket - 77 00 647 119 £9.04
(needed if you split the box)

Input Shaft Nut - 77 03 040 031 £4.57
(needed if you split the box, is staked to the shaft and can't be

5th Speed Shaft Nut - 77 03 040 028 £1.71
(also needed if you split the box, is staked to the shaft and can't be

Bellhousing to input shaft tube - 77 03 065 056 £1.85
(bog standard O ring, the most likely to leak)

Bell Housing Gasket - 77 00 565 780 £3.74
(needed if you remove the bell housing to replace the O ring)

Input shaft to tube seal - 77 03 087 084 £14.48
(need to split the box to replace this one)

Release Fork Gator - 77 00 615 305 £18.05
(stops crud falling in the clutch, mine was split)

Release Fork Grommet - 77 10 009 516 £0.79
(fits around the release fork pivot to keep the grease in, mine was
split, worth replacing anyway)

Reverse Light Switch - 60 01 001 318 £13.81

Rear crankshaft oil seal - VOLVO - 1218389 (behind flywheel. You need a
'special tool' to fit it - a bit of tube the right diameter)

I got my clutch from GSF (As suggested by Stuart Dyke). It's a Valeo
part no: 7701-466-774 that will get you the clutch, pressure plate and
release bearing. Cost £113 inc vat.


soon to be added to the parts x ref list Smile
Cheers Mike
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