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Full Version: Adding a high level brake light
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So this is one modification I have been thinking off for a while, purely from a safety point of view with our cars being so low/

I have seen people with it mounted on the roof using a corvette style lamp:

Which I quite like but think I want to keep it as stock looking as possible.
DMCNW do their 'Wings a light' kit

but I wanted to know what other people had done or if there is a similar solution without having to go to the states.
Feel free to share your sources and pics!
My third brake light recently failed due to water ingress. It was a Dorman 923-201 similar to this but not so expensive. I bought a replacement unit from Autozone whilst I was in America over Christmas. It's hooked up with an intermediary flasher setup so it blinks several times before staying fully illuminated.

If you are looking to homebrew something with an LED strip I'd be happy to donate the casing from my old unit. The was my original plan until I found the cheap replacement in the 'states Smile
Being a cheap-skate I used something similar to this: stuck to the inside rear window, it can be seen equally as well and is easier to wire up! Works just as well without to mach aggro.
There's a DeLorean in Belgium with a third braking light mounted on the rear window ; you can't even see it when he not braking ...

Nice license plate Andy, but i like the one that says FUTURE more. Smile
(05 Feb 2016, 10:43)Future Wrote: [ -> ]Nice license plate Andy, but i like the one that says FUTURE more. Smile

Na, too obvious .... Tongue