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Full Version: Car started then stalled, wouldn't restart
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Been driving around all day today with the BttF excitement, did almost 100 miles in total and the car ran perfectly driving people all over Central Fife. Finished the event, climbed in to go home - car burst into life, idled for half a second and stalled. Tried to restart and it wouldn't fire, gave it about five or six attempts with brief rests in between, eventually it caught and ran perfectly. Drove ten miles back to storage without problem. Restarted again without hesitation. Any thoughts?
You didn't hit your head hard enough on the steering wheel?!
There recent problems folk have been having really demonstrates that the more you use these cars, the better they are, as Dave H always says.

They don't like standing. (Even in a lovely dry environment.) .the damper it is, the worse it is. Cry

Chris N has been working for weeks re-comising Pilot 20 that has hardly turned a wheel since it was at the NEC in 07? It should be there again in a couple of weeks…this time it will get used!! :lol:
Could be the fuel accumulator not holding rest pressure? Sounds like if you could crank it okay then it wasn't ignition, so fuel seems the most likely. Especially since you had it in the shop recently and your chap seemed to tear into the engine, but likely didn't check the accumulator down in it's cubby-hole underneath the car.