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Full Version: Hello everyone! I'm new!
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Hello everyone.... yep.. you guessed it, I'm a newbie!

I'm going to explain how I got to this point and why I'm signing up here. Also I will be joining the club shortly.

Ever since I passed my test I've been into Honda's, I've had quite a lot over the years and I always will have one knocking around. But when I got to up to 5 Honda's I thought I should stop lol... well my wife said I need to stop more than anything. Cry
So one day I added up the cars: Civic, S800, S800m, CRX, Accord with all the parts plus other stuff and the total came to just over £20,000! So I thought I should sell up and buy one really good Honda, a Honda that doesn't have tones of rust and lots of metal work that I can't do myself.
I started looking at NSX's but I soon found out that finding an NSX for under 20k is very hard if not impossible!

Then one day I was checking eBay and found the one car I've been wanting my intire life but never thought I could ever afford one. At this point I'd only sold 2 of the Hondas adding up to just shy of 6k.
So that's where my wife and mum helped me out, the hole time me promising that I'd pay them back as soon as the others sell.

So I put a deposit down, I couldn't believe it!!........ A Delorean. 8)

The car is 1981 all original with just over 41k.
The only bad part is it's been painted red Shock

So I'll need some help with how to remove the paint from the metal and the plastics.

I'm not sure how well it runs yet so I'm sure I'll need to replace parts and service it.

I would appreciate help with what I'll need and what will be need to be checked over
Oh and the places to buy them.

I'm picking up the car Tuesday from Southampton docks. 8)


Great site btw, been looking at pages and pages of stuff for ages!
Great news, and another painted DeLorean. We have had a few come over in the last year or so. If it were me I would live with it as is before attempting to strip the paint. I like a painted DeLorean and there are a few in the UK like that so your in good company.
Get the car back and fix any issues before looking at the paint (that's just my opinion) Some cars have been really bad underneath the paint, some perfect. It's a gamble!
I agree with Chris W…look up the other painted cars on here……...the previous comments are all valid.

Removing the paint is a very big job and will most likely reveal some sort of damage underneath that needs time and money to sort out.

So get the car roadworthy and get a years use out of it whist you finally decide what to do.

Congratulations on getting a DeLorean, they are great fun.
Yeah that's a good idea, thanks.
I noticed a red one that has just come up on eBay for 25k, my one is nowhere as good as that one but for what I paid I can't complain.
I've only seen photos of the car and the paint doesn't seem that good.
It's faded badly and coming off in places.
The underside looks all original and in good condition.

I'll post pics as soon as I pick it up.

Thanks for the welcome.
I'm going to flush the fuel system out when I get it... any idea on the best way to do it?

Oh my VIN is 2139 just for the records 8)
Welcome to the forum Smile
Again its all been covered…but I must admit I find searching for a specific subject on here is beyond me…...i'm sure its just me and computers! :oops:

I'd take the trunk floor out, lift up the pump and clean the tank out manually..acetone is good but very flammable. Then work your way through the system.

Don't be temped to put a battery on it until you've checked and cleaned the tank. :twisted:
Quote:Don't be temped to put a battery on it until you've checked and cleaned the tank. :twisted:
Never a better bit of advice given. Unless you know it's history please don't be tempted to try to start it. As Chris wrote clean out the tank first and it will give you a good idea of the condition of the fuel system. Once you have done this you can add fresh fuel, disconnect the fuel line from the metering head and flush some fresh fuel through, then change the filter and move on from there. All depends how long since the car ran, but will be easier to advise when you have the car.
Keep us posted. Always interesting on how new owners get on and what they find, especially with remote ebay purchases. Good luck mate.
Oh great thanks for the advice.
I've heard a lot of bad things about starting up a car that's been sat around for ages, wasn't going to make that mistake.
And I've also been buying parts; fuel filter, oil filter, oil, coolant, spark plugs etc.
I'll see what it's like but probably a fuel pump to.

Thanks guys, getting really exited now! :lol:
Yes I bet the next 24 hours will crawl by.

Just a thought after re-reading your thread. Honda's are noted for their fine engineering and reliability ……can you see where I'm leading here? :roll:

DeLoreans are not. :oops:

Having owned over a hundred cars / classic cars over the last 40 years, I can honestly say that the DeLoreans (17 off them at the last count…if you don't count my current one which I have owned twice) are the most fun!….by a mile Big Grin

But you have to take them as a package….rushed engineering, poor quality electrics/switches, ill fitting trim etc etc. Try not to get too frustrated by its failings. :oops:

But GREAT FUN..nothing else comes close…its a DELOREAN for goodness sake!! Big Grin

I couldn't resist attaching this picture of my first big resoration…I was clearing out my wardrobe yesterday and found that 3/4 leather jacket! It still fits..a bit tight to do up the buttons…but what the heck! Smile
Hey Jsa2685 I think I saw you today driving along the A29 just past Arundel at about 2pm! I wasn't in the D but was waiting to cross the main road as you went past with the red D on a trailer. All happened too quick to get a pic! Bet you were over the moon! And what a random coincidence! Where's it going to live?

Congrats! Big Grin

Hi JSA, welcome to the DOC-UK, my car is 2292 so pretty close
to yours, and I bought mine as a wreck via Ebay in 2002, mine
came from San Diego and didnt have straight panel on it and the
interior was wrecked, it had no handbrake, exhaust manifold gaskets
were shot, etc.

13yrs on, she's still a work in progress, but she's getting there Smile

Whereabouts are you located?
Chris P, 17!!!.. WOW!

True about the Hondas and there engineering but every one I have owned has had some sort of rust!
It's nice to have a car with non on it!

Horsebox, yes that was me!! 8) SMALL WORLD! Lol.

She is home now! Going to start a list tomorrow with all the parts I need.
Can wait to get stuck in!
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