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Full Version: Delorean replacement "one key" door lock set
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So my delorean came with the differing ignition/door lock set up, the door lock key was on its last legs so i enquired about getting a replacement made and told by ed best bet is to get new later spec locks to match the ignition key, all is good.

Enquired about how to remove the old and told to just smash them off, differing fixing method for the late spec ones.

I got them last week and all in all really disappointed in them, they are so cheap and no where near as rigid as the original set i now have in pieces on my floor.

Not to mention, they do not work! the maths and angles of the new locks dont match the original ones, ive not spoken to Ed about them yet but the sweep and arm movement is 90 degrees out. So when you turn the key instead of it moving the internal arm 3pm to 9pm, it is doing 6 to 12 so basically minimal adjustment.

So before i start throwing more toys out, am i missing something really obvious here?????

Also my key has been cut wrong so you have to push it all way in and then tease it out by about 4mm to then get it to unlock, if you push all the way in it does sod all.

in hindsight i wish i had just left it Sad
oh what a crock of s**t mate, sorry I cant be
more helpful.

I had one of James Espeys DMC blanks a few years
ago, finally got around to getting it cut this year as
my original key was looking non too healthy.

Hope you can get a satisfactory outcome on this.
Well i can confirm the keys ed is currently selling are in fact completely wrong.

They have no stopper on them, so the key will never stop in the position it needs to

still not got round to contacting him, just composing my email lol
I bought two of Eds blanks a few years ago and finally got them cut last summer. One for the ignition and one for the door (all be it you have to get the door one ground right back due to its shorter length), but that's the keys I'm using now and have been for 18 months, no problem. Bizarre.
i dont suppose you can measure the length of the key part and take a picture? had locksmith out today and he confirmed they are just the wrong key, that part ive circled is missing and is the cause of the problems
I'd love to, but my keys are in Edinburgh and I'm in Rugby. I won't see my car or keys until the 3rd week in December. Sorry. I might have a photo somewhere I could dig out tonight if that helps?
Its fine actually the problem is for sure that shoulder not being there, the key does not know when to stop.

The only way i can think is that either the key manufacturer has changed and not noticed the error, or your key has been cut right back to where the key mould shapes up, making a make shift stop shoulder.
I'm not sure without checking. I'll see if I can dig out a photo. I know I've got some.
Though never given it to much thought before this thread I have to pull my replacement key blank out a fraction in my ignition barrel to get it to work, so guess I'm having the same issue.
my original key works perfect, locksmith diagnosed the problem within seconds, he checked the profile and confirms the profile is not the same for the delorean as it lacks that shoulder
I knew I had a photo somewhere. Here's mine. the same as yours. I don't seem to remember having to get the key just right before being able to unlock the car...? I had the power off my car a lot this summer, so I was forced to use the key every day to lock and unlock the car without the remote central locking having power....!?
well i have had a reply and basically being told i am wrong, the key should magically stop, if i can be arsed i will put a video up of my 2 keys, original and copy being used, it is laughable really.

Then the replacement locks i have been sold, the hole in my door is 27mm, the lock is 30mm, Ed tells me it "will fit".

Hopefully my post will warn others in the future at least.
Whilst I have never swapped lock barrels on mine, I was of the understanding that these were the same as BL Metro door lock barrels?

In which case, Rimmer Bros in Lincoln may be able to help supply a new lock set...?
Rich Hanlon Wrote:Whilst I have never swapped lock barrels on mine, I was of the understanding that these were the same as BL Metro door lock barrels?

In which case, Rimmer Bros in Lincoln may be able to help supply a new lock set...?

Which set would it be from this little lot then?
Hmm - quite a selection!

Wouldn't presonally like to say as I haven't done it myself, but I had the impression that the fact that later-style door locks were the same as Metro ones was a 'known'..., but as I say no first-hand experience.
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