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Full Version: Delorean replacement "one key" door lock set
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Both these and these should work.

When the attempted break-in on my car ruined the lock on the drivers door I bought a set of locks from eBay and re-keyed them myself to my existing door-key. Visually there are some slight differences between the two sets:
  • One set comes with a silver outer trim, the other black
  • One set the key slot is a rectangle, the other has a slight kink in it (but key fits fine in both)
  • One set has a stronger retaining clip than the other

I couldn't tell you which set is which from rimmerbros though as I bought mine as a bag of spares from eBay.
jwrayth Wrote:When the attempted break-in on my car ruined the lock on the drivers door I bought a set of locks from eBay and re-keyed them myself to my existing door-key

This is interesting. So you can buy locks and make them work with your existing keys? No need to have your whole car re-keyed as it were? Is this easy to do?

Maybe a pointer at example eBay auctions wouldn't go amiss here... Or an idea of how you searched for them....?
Finding the locks on ebay was just a matter of searching "Metro door lock", and at the time an individual seller had 3 unused locks which I bought together for £15. Some individual auctions up at the time of writing;

As for rekeying, this was something I was taught by a good friend. A good tutorial video that matches the process (albeit using a similar but different lock) is available here;


In my case I was able to salvage some of the pins from the damaged lock and combine them with pins in the new lock to get a good fit.

I do still have one spare lock with the silver outer trim in one of my parts bins somewhere and could probably get some photos of the dismantling process if the above video isn't detailed enough.
I forgot to note that I have the single lock system, and that in my case the previous owner got a non-branded "Master-spare" key cut so that the car always has an accurate template for getting new keys cut (as when you use your keys they will wear down over time). I used this "Master-spare" for re-keying the new lock.

I think I also have one or two NOS key-blanks in a box somewhere.
I'll note those Rover part numbers here for future searches of the forum once those auctions are finished:

Black outer Bezel - JRC2866
Silver outer bezel - EAM8822

Seems like they are also the same on Maestros and Montegos (though there are way more Metro's left than Maestros and Montegos put together!)
Good stuff!

I'm interested in turning my dual key system into a single key system.

I've never liked have a different key for the doors.

The ignition key does everything else. Why not the doors?! Crazy.
I've drawn up some images at work for the problems i have hit, and Ed will not answer any of my questions, had to ask for a refund and now try and fix my damaged locks.

The problem with the actual lock i have is the swing arm on the lock is too long a reach, so too much movement on the locking end.

Local locksmith has now located the correct profile key and cut me a correct one that works in the ignition fine, and the crap locks without the issue of having to manually stop it in position.

He confirmed the keys ed sells are cheaply made keys, and are 100% wrong.
As I say, I've not had any problems, but I'll definitely agree the keys are cheap. Less than 18 months use on mine and they are already showing signs of twisting in the metal. And these keys don't get an awful lot of use and I'm very gentle with them too.
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