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Full Version: DOC-UK 2016 Calendars
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can I thank everyone who sent me photos to help me compile the 2016
DOC-UK calendar.

The order has now been placed, 25 wall calendars and 10 desk calendars,
and I've managed to get a great price on them too.

Desk calendars are going to be around £4.50 each plus post & packing, and the
wall calendars will be less then £6.00 each plus post & packing - I'll post prices
including P&P on here along with photos of the calendars once they arrive with
me in early October.

For anyone who doesn't want one posting, they will be taken to the NEC in November
so can be purchased direct from the Club stand - if you want one putting aside to make
sure you don't miss out, then let me know.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed Smile
Oh. I must have missed the calendar contribution post. No problem.

I'll collect mine from the NEC on the Sunday as usual please.

Wall calendar as usual please. Smile
no probs mate, will put one aside for you - your car does feature btw Wink
Calendars arrived today!! I'll sort out pricing and post asap.

Many thanks to everyone who helped me do this by sending
me photos, here's a few pictures of the finished article:
ok, prices:

Wall calendars:

£5.79 each (£6.99 with UK post and packing)

Desk calendars:

£4.99 each (£5.99 with UK post and packing)

due to pre-orders, we only have 22 wall calendars and
8 desk calendars left, so please contact me asap
if you want any, and whether you want your order
posting or whether you will collect from our stand at the
NEC Classic Motor Show in November.
first orders already being posted out Smile

Dont delay, get your order in whilst stocks last!!
How did i miss this thread. (I'm sure the new thread button sometimes misses new threads)
Anyhow wall one please. Can I collect from the Norfolk meet at the weekend?
Quote:Can I collect from the Norfolk meet at the weekend?
Wrong forum mate! however some one may be going along that can get one over for you. I'm working this weekend myself.
Realise that, just if anyone was going over. I'm popping in on the Friday night. Cheers.
:lol: No worries, there will i'm sure be people from both going, if they can pick one up for you may be an issue as Claire has them at the moment. P&P is fairly reasonable on them though I think and they will be available at the NEC in November.
I might get 3 if available. Make my brother's jealous in the new year. Especially March! Won't be able to make NEC this year.
Could we multiply pack to save on postage?
Oooh excellent. May I please have two wall calendars and a desk calendar?
88mph, do you want 3 of each, or 3 of one particular type?

Let me know, and I'll pm you a price including postage.

Doive, I'll PM you a total price including postage too.

Cheers !!
Nice one Claire-can you save me 2 wall calendars and I'll pay you when I get back. Cheers 8)
sure thing Brian, thank you Smile
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