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Full Version: VIN 4566 Restoration
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Hi all,

As with others, I'll create this thread and update as I progress. All pics will be uploaded to a Flickr page or two, here: ... 082404337/

I've already posted the initial "here it is" thread and some pics from where I bought the car. As you'll know, mostly, is that she's a project car. I could have bought a good one, but I think saving a DeLorean is something I'll be proud of (and it doesn't hurt the numbers).

Anyway, this last weekend I began in earnest.

When the car was sold to me, I knew she wasn't running. I also knew she was sun damaged and had a smashed windscreen. None of that was a worry, and it certainly hasn't changed in the past couple of weeks.
What did change was that she had more damage when she arrived; a snapped aerial, the front driver's side tyre won't hold air and the rears were both damaged beyond repair (one, completely off the rim).

This weekend, I cleared her out, vacuumed the interior and made some initial investigations so I'd know where to start spending money, and where I could get dirty for good reason.

A friend (who's father has recently finished building a GT40 replica) lent me some wheel trolleys. Since she wouldn't even roll due to the tyres (or her own power) this will make it easier to move her about. So I jacked the car up and fitted those. The rear wheel also came off and the spare went on.

You can just make one out here:
[Image: 15450296344_471e8231af_z.jpg]4566_21_12_14_029 by willisit, on Flickr

Next up I thought, given teh spare had gone on, that I'd have a look see under the hood:
[Image: 15885321550_0a1a3b305e_z.jpg]4566_21_12_14_027 by willisit, on Flickr

As you can see, the inspection panels are already off (I merely moved them). So, history would suggest that the car wasn't running and someone took it upon themselves to investigate.

Can you see the obvious, missing part?
[Image: 16070673211_768b1361a3_z.jpg]4566_21_12_14_028 by willisit, on Flickr

Interestingly, so far, that's the only thing not with the car. Since I had planned on replacing the pump and sender anyway... well, I'll be cleaning the tank out next I guess!

I started removing tat:
[Image: 16046794306_f2e7dbb487_z.jpg]4566_21_12_14_006 by willisit, on Flickr

And inspected the engine bay. Helpfully there are some recent parts there - but lots to investigate before I ever even consider trying the start her up.

[Image: 15452923483_157c9696e9_z.jpg]4566_21_12_14_011 by willisit, on Flickr

Also, the frame is tidy too. I've checked underneath and the brake servo hasn't leaked, so that's a bonus too. All grey and dirty, but grey:
[Image: 16071884202_f23216d624_z.jpg]4566_21_12_14_016 by willisit, on Flickr

Next up will be tank removal and cleaning. Then new pumps, gas struts and tyres (with refurbished wheels) so she can sit on her own four. After that, I'm 75% sure I want the frame off before I spend more feverishly. Smile
Interesting! SpecialT auto do a replacement fuel pump kit/combo now for not much money: ... ction.html I have one of his fuel sender units new and unused if this helps to.
Thanks Chris, I will probably order that pump (the new one) and some struts from there in the New Year. I'm still making lists of what I need, and when. Smile
Dave Howarth has LOAD's of unused fuel tanks and from what I recall they were very cheap because he had lots of them and not the sort of thing often needed. Worth finding out a price from him before wasting hours trying to clean yours out...
Good point, Chris. I'll give him a call and see what he's offering. Smile
Chris N is another good source, mine cost me all of £10 from him 4 years ago. For the cost, it wasn't worth the time or effort cleaning the tank out.
Chris N may still have some and so have I …if you get stuck.

They are a pain to ship though so collection only from me.
An unusual first step, I grant you. But before yee judge, there are a few reasons behind the crazy.

Firstly, the car's original tyres were shot. Only one held air. Two were exposing their underwear (steel) and were generally old. I didn't want to buy new tyres and mount them to old, corroding rims. So I went the hog.

Secondly, she has to be rolling for some building work (garage doors). Easier on new rubber!

Lastly, part of the restoration is frame work. Again, easier if she rolls...

The Wheel Specialists (other wheel refurbishment companies are available) did the work here. They did my Monaro wheels a few years back. Well recommended (no affiliation).

[Image: 17009626201_db4938cdbf_z.jpg]Refurb wheels by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 17009626411_28cfe23b91_z.jpg]Refurb wheels by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 16823001290_c415629f8f_z.jpg]Refurb wheels by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 17009627111_b8d91fde1c_z.jpg]Refurb wheels by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 17009092122_34dc2a3810_z.jpg]Refurb wheels by willisit, on Flickr

I must say they look fantastic. Also, matching tyres (yeah, not great but the least of my worries for some time ahead)!
Very nice.

I had my civic alloys done by "The Wheel Clinic" in Northampton last year. They did a spank on job. If I go the powder coating route with the D's wheels, then I'd definitely take them there.

Dare I ask....?

What tyres did you get? And what size?

(Runs for the hills before the tyre debate really kicks off)
Heh.. no debate needed. These are the only ones I can find that match front to rear:

Nankang XR-611 195/60 R14 86H
Nankang XR-611 235/60 R15 98S

They were cheap. They are probably terrible for any "modern" car. That said, by 1981 standards, they're probably pretty good. I'm likely years from being able to drive the thing so I might as well put cheap (and correct sized) rubber on over expensive Pirellis (on the rear) that I can't match and might... might dry out.

But, new shiny wheels are the way forward!
Looking good, I'm gonna probably have to replace my front tyres.
Are there any suitable 14" with white writing on them?
Rear fascia came off yesterday, along with the grille. There is some writing on the rear...

[Image: 17054666761_2614aafa0c_z.jpg]Rear facia (inside) by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 16869255199_855d048fe3_z.jpg]Rear facia (inside) by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 16867935480_f726063dfc_z.jpg]Rear facia (inside) by willisit, on Flickr

As you can see, beyond a part number and a QA test (showing September 81 as her VIN confirms) it's nothing exciting.

I did also oil up a fair old number of bolts and nuts/screws as things start to come off. There are... remnants... of where rodents may have found homes too (behind the grille, in the suspension etc) so that's all out too. I have the wheels to mount, then I can test to see if the engine turns and then it's on to the real work!
I had an hour today, so did some small bits to keep the ball rolling.

First up, I can only work on the driver's side at the moment due to the position of the car. Every gas strut is knackered (if they worked, I'd really worry) and as any owner will know, working on a DeLorean with out the doors working is a pain. So, the headliner came off:

[Image: 17111191485_5d1b8625c5_z.jpg]DeLorean work by willisit, on Flickr
More date-aligned stuff here. Mine is literally a day prior to an October build. Also nice to see the door was destined for the car. Tongue

Gas strut on. Since it's so simple to do, I didn't mind this. The door won't open all the way on it's own, so I think some adjustment is needed when I get to the body. This I'll leave to the experts!
[Image: 16923633230_9696a808b1_z.jpg]DeLorean work by willisit, on Flickr
Ignore the rotten interior...

Both front calipers off. Rears are more involved, but they're all being refurbed, so better now than when the wheels are back on:
[Image: 16903800757_23743d6e5c_z.jpg]DeLorean work by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 16491044083_d295001742_z.jpg]DeLorean work by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 16488753274_c4ece40150_z.jpg]DeLorean work by willisit, on Flickr

Then to the tank panel. The tank is coming out and being binned. All new fuel system will go in when the frame has been refreshed:
[Image: 16924986239_24025e73b0_z.jpg]DeLorean work by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 17111188895_b917454694_z.jpg]DeLorean work by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 16923389858_298ffa8e77_z.jpg]DeLorean work by willisit, on Flickr
I've soaked every nut in advance with penetrating oil. Nothing seized in this way and all bolts turned nicely. Had to use a breaker bar on the calipers but that's a little different.

So far the frame is better than anything else on the car!
[Image: 16924985519_a41374facf_z.jpg]DeLorean work by willisit, on Flickr
[Image: 16923390408_70c35d0974_z.jpg]DeLorean work by willisit, on Flickr
I think the front crumple piece may be replaced. I'll see though.

All for now!
Frame looks better than a lot I have seen!
Looking good, Dan, I really must pay more attention! If you need anything, I'm not too far from you these days (Melksham, Wiltshire)

Not to hijack your thread but...

Rissy Wrote:If I go the powder coating route with the D's wheels, then I'd definitely take them there.

Yours already are powdercoated, refurbished by Spit & Polish in Tonbridge in about 2002.
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