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Full Version: Fuel leak to accumulator
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Debugging my first DeLorean problem! One of the lines leading to my fuel accumulator has a split, meaning a fine spray of fuel is leaking out of the car.

I'm not replacing my accumulator, but using the guide on this site; as a reference it is line 1 that is leaking. It's spraying out of there inside the chassis, and then also dripping off down underneath the car. There is also a slight drip near the fuel tank cover plate, but I believe that to be fuel running forward down the chassis since the car is on a ramp.

Now looking on the DeLorean schematics, it looks like this is normally a rubber hose that connects to other elements and leads back to the fuel pump. However, as you can see from my attached images, I appear to have braided lines instead of rubber tubing.

Now I'm going to remove the center console to try and get a better look at this from the top as I believe I can see further connections from this line to the accumulator, if my reading of the schematics is correct.

Now if I could get a sanity check on the following from the more experienced, I would be very happy;
  • Any idea what type of braided fuel lines I have? I can't see exact matching ones on vendor websites
  • Does taking apart the center console to get a look at the rest of the connections seem the correct steps?
  • If it is indeed this line, can I replace this myself just with the center console apart and the car up on ramps?
  • I believe the part I require is, is that correct? Should I replace connecting bolts and clamps at the same time?

Thanks for any help!
I have used that reference a lot as well!, but is not line 1 a hard fixed line? then the flexiline is possible this new flexi line from John that goes to the base of the filter?
Hears a pic of whats above the frame, I seem to rember there is a little access hole from within the car, but could be mistaken:
Should be easy enough to check if it's John flexi line as it will go all the way to the filter rather than a hard line. If so you 'should' be able to remove it whilst leaving the accumulator in position perhaps (need hands of a 5 year old) but you may be able to get a new one manufactured in the UK.
The "braided line" is in fact the original line with all its outer sheathing having fallen off. It needs to be replaced. 8.53 is a pretty darned high price to pay for 18" of off-the-shelf fuel hose... I've been selling these hoses with proffessionally swaged ends on them for years if you're interested. If you are going to just cut off the old one and clamp a new piece of hose to the old fittings, do it all from underneath. If you want to replace the hose and fittings, remove the coin tray and flimsy black plastic flap and you'll be able to ger a 14mm spanner on the elbow (and then telling your wife/partner/mate/postman to hold on to it) while undoing the actual fitting from underneath with a 17mm crowsfoot on the end of an extension bar.

You will do 99% of this job from underneath. A hint: petrol burns like crazy when it trickles down to your armpit.
So it would be line no 4 leaking then if using this:
not line 1? if so then as Martin wrote!
Parts he mentioned:

Whoops, yes. Line 4 not line 1. Apologies.

If I decide to cut the line and replace with existing fittings, what is the recommended procedure? Should I cut the line close to the existing fittings with enough room to slide the rubber hose over and clamp? Or is it possible to remove the existing hose entirely?

I suppose not on the latter, but just want to be sure since this is the first time I've done something like this with a fuel system and want as much detail before I dive in proper!
That makes more sence then! Thought MartinG was seeing something I didn't. All I would say is (and I speak from someone who does this a lot) fuel pipes dont come off fittings as easy as you would think they should! If your throwing the old pipe and replacing it then very carefully use a very sharp razor blade/knife to cut it off without cutting too deep so that you put any score marks on the fittings.
And remember only use proper fuel pipe clips for re-fitting.
Took me an age to cut off the old cable due to limited space and not having small hands, but got it done in the end.

New hose fitted, no leaks. Wonderful! Thanks all Smile
Do you have some pictures please when you got an access from the center console?
I ended up not using access from the center console, but I have at the center console out to change some of the wiring the previous owner did. Located between the coin-tray and the ash-tray under the center console is a rubber plate glued to the tub. If you remove that you can get (limited) access to the hard-line from the fuel pump to the accumulator... but access to the accumulator itself is pretty dire.

Patience and tools with extended reach were my allies in this job from underneath the car!
All right, thank you for your answer :wink: