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Full Version: Hella vs Valeo
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It is possible I never replaced the Valeo lights I had on the car originally when I bought it in 2000 - I can go back to the photos I used when I listed the car on ebay. I always found their output to be better than my Citroen and I had aligned the high beams a smidge higher than the outers so provide really great coverage. I'm now in the modern world with HIDs in my Mazda Shock

I will need to check but I think I still have a pair of those halos on my shelf. Still £160 the set and PLEASE probe around and check you don't have a voltage drop on the way to the lights.

oh, and only fit 55/60W bulbs.
I've had it confirmed (as I'm away from the car now) that I have Hella's on the outside, and apparently unbranded ones on the inside.

I can find outside lamps fairly easily, but trying to find the inner ones with the halo is proving to be much more difficult. Anyone got any clues?
You don't need new outer lights unless the ones you have are going crusty. As you say the seals are still present (ie "the light doesn't fit"), they should be fine.

I think I have replacement inner lights, I forgot to check. Will do so this evening.

None of this will help you actually see where you're going if there's something else wrong. I did plenty of miles with those lights without issue (and trust me: I'd have noticed!). Their fit in the bucket is as good as it can get unless you're happy to remove the seal. If you do, don't complain in 2 years time when they start to go crusty.
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