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Full Version: DeLorean News issue 96
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Hi all,

articles for the next DeLorean News are with the printers as we speak, hopefully
we should have the Autumn 2023 issue with you all in the next couple of weeks.

Remember to keep the articles coming in, be it a job you've done on your car, a 
show you've attended, your DeLorean model or memorabilia collection, a drive out 
you did somewhere nice, anything is welcome!

We need you, the membership to send stuff in, as we can't produce the magazine 
without your contributions!
Apologies for the delay in DeLorean News going out to members - it should
have been with you over a week ago, but unfortunately the couriers who picked
up from the printers sent the magazines to the wrong address, so they've had to
go back to them, to then be sent out again to Chris Williams, who then posts on to

Hopefully they will be with you in the next few days, issue 97, Winter 23/24 is in
production and will hopefully be with you early in the new year.
This has finally arrived and will be posted out tomorrow (the 16th) apologies again for the delay, for some odd reason they sent them to my old address despite having sent them before to my new address. Oddly not the first company to do that Confused