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Full Version: Car & Classic Auction
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No connection - Just spotted this on the Car & Classic website

[Image: YIPjIFc7tBJdCv5VhlG8VV1lkHbvj4rshqaAtd7x...6aaa12dcba]

[Image: sUOOeEFxWWlPsGHFrhRqml9ptfd3x7S4suXlJSTz...64a430ebea]

[Image: iwyg87k86RRnSwUPci8S3D6bGPub7vGcPwwPuK1V...61ed3ddcbc]

Well I'd like to have seen an estimate of what it might fetch .....or what the current bits are ? Couldn't find either ...but that's probably just me!!!

It looks a Nice car.....but in my opinion a Delorean doesn't really need a private number.....especially a 6k one!
My comment does not include NI number plates, which I believe are quite appropriate. ...just my opinion of course.
Currently bid to £51k, it needs rear lamp lenses, a proper rear fog light conversion
and UK spec headlights, and all four wheels refurbishing..............
Thats about £1000 then....they do seem to have gone up in value...
Sold for £53,000 with reserve met!