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Full Version: Wanted : Exhaust Muffler
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Looking for a good condition exhaust muffler.
Mine has collapsed inside and I don't have the funds to get a SS exhaust at the moment.
With or without exhaust tips it doesn't matter.

Hi Stuart, 

I might still have Flopsy's back box, its got a couple of dents from memory, but 
works fine.  I got it off Scott Miller in Manchester about 10yrs ago after Flopsy got

I'll go out to the garage when it stops raining and check for you.

I won't need it, as I'll need a custom exhaust to fit my 3.9 V8 set up.
Thanks Claire, very interested in purchasing it.
no probs, I'll let you know asap, Phill is out at the moment and knows where
it is - I know we sold the Cat Bypass Pipe, but I'm pretty sure we've still got the
exhaust back box with the tailpipes - I seem to recall we had to cut the crossover
pipe though to get it off, so that part will be scrap.
Nice one, I only need a back box as I already have a cat bypass, etc.

Let me know how much and 'snail mail' will do.
Hi Stuart.

I have a back box + tailpipes available if Claire no longer has one for sale.
You might be the better bet Lee, we can't find ours - not exactly a small thing to lose either!
PM'd you Lee
I've got a spare Stu but it has holes in it?