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Full Version: Original Lighted key for sale
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Nothing to do with me but on EBay now:
Can’t even provide the bag it belongs in?!


(Sold separately for maximum greed)
I think I'll pass.......although I did one have didn't work!
Someone said they think it's one of the repro ones? Any ideas? The DeLorean completist in me kind of wants one but that is silly money... (for now)
I think its a repro. 

This one looks to be original...
[attachment=1253]Ive just had a look in my "smalls" draw....... if any one wants to make a bid of them eMail private messages please.[attachment=1254]
Didn't realize they ever did repro ones tbh. Would be interested in your original Mr P?

Oky doky Chris, its definitely not a repro, I've had it years......I better just check it doesn't fit either of the cars!    Blush