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Full Version: ~6 year old barely used Goodrich rear tyres - any value?
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Hi, is there any market value in a pair of barely used BF Goodrich rear tyres which were fitted to the car in the US about 6 years ago?
I bought a full front and rear set of Nankang Econetic EC-2 (or something similar) tyres but my local garage persuaded me to keep the Goodriches on the rear as they are still practically new (7-8mm tread, no cracking, etc).
Trouble is a/ I've now got a pair or rear tyres sitting in my garage taking up (a surprising amount!) of space, and b/ my OCD is twitching as having matching front/rear tyre patterns would make me much happier.
Ideal result would be someone saying 'Yay, I'd love a spare set of Goodriches, I'll come and collect them and give you enough cash to cover having had them taken off and your Nankangs sticking on instead, when are you free?'
But I realise it's entirely possible I'm living in cloud cuckoo land (SWMBO tells me that all the time!), so if anyone tells me 'forget it mate, they're worthless, just change the tyres and dump 'em!' then I guess that's also helpful..
As ever, any tips greatly appreciated!!
I suppose I could always bung 'em on fleabay.  Always seems such a hassle, though..  
I know what you mean about the space! I've got a full set of factory tyres with good tread and not received a sausage of interest.
I too have stock of a very low mileage set of original tyres .

Someone said they would be be in 'high demand'' from the Concourse fraternity, so I kept them ......but other knowledgable folk have told me recently that they are worthless....They will probably end up down the tip, along with the old cast iron manifolds etc.. Blush
Well, that seems to answer that, then.
I'll just get 'em changed and pay the disposal charge forthwith!
Hey ho.
Mind you...yours are 6 years old....mine were 36 years old at the time!