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Full Version: Car Museum/show, Belper. Derbyshire. 30th August 2021
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Fancy a free day out? 

 The new Motor attraction at Ambergate, near Belper in Derbyshire. 

  I have been in discussions with the main man Richard Usher (yes Claire) !   He is a smashing bloke, a true car/ motoring enthusiast.

 He is keen to get a few Deloreans over on the bank holiday Monday, 30th Aug. It will be free to all DeLorean Drivers and Guests.  We will have a special place to park and full access to all the facilities.

 Its great place to visit...cramed full of interesting and rare British cars.  Ive been up there today in MGJ....Sorry I forgot my phone/camera!!!

Please book via me and I will sort it out....the more the merrier.  Big Grin ( I'll see if I can blag a few extra spaces for owners who cars are currently not running) Dodgy
I'd be up for that Chris, subject to availability!

. I don't know if Richard mentioned it but I also took mine up before it had officially opened and had a brief chat with him then.
Thats great Richard...I don't think ive put this thread in the right place....anyway it can be moved?
Quote:.I don't think i've put this thread in the right place....anyway it can be moved?
count me in Chirs P Smile i can bring my car (not a D but same silver haha)
Angel Thanks Chris W..

The car they have in there is MKW997W. No idea on VIN. Looks like it's now had its floppy doors sorted since the original publicity photos were taken!
They bought it from East Anglia Auctions for about £35k.....its a low mileage Black Auto....with over-sized tyres on the front and horrible re-covered black seats, smooth as a babies bum .....with no rouching??.....pleaty bits??? Ive not seen the engine yet.
We could be up for this, but we'd probably head over in my 1989 Cavalier as neither
of the De's will be on the road.
That would be nice Claire.. Smile
Hey Chris,

I'd be interested in attending this. It's contingent on getting my DeLorean driving properly, but I'm somewhat confident it will be sorted by then.
You and me both......still sorting out teething problems.....with a bit of help from my friends!    Rolleyes
Leanne and I are planning on coming along to this for a day out now. May or may not make it up in Lex. I'll have to assess closer to the time.
Yep, put my name down for this Chris.
I'll be there in the D.  Big Grin
Smile Great stuff Richard...The more the merrier, thay are going to feed us as well as free entry into the Museum .
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