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Full Version: DeLorean Key Cutting Service.
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DeLorean Key Cutting Service.

We are now able to cut key blanks for your DeLorean either by copying your original or from just a code if you have no keys at all. (This assumes your locks have not been changed)!

I cannot do this for every vehicle so a little history on keys for a DeLorean.

When the cars left the factory they had a little metal tag that was stamped with the key code, this code was also on a little sticker on the underside of the steering column canopy (picture below). This has often been removed, become faded or simply may have fallen off. The very early cars up to Vin 4200 had a two key system with the door key being different from the ignition key, the ignition key also did the cubby box and fuel cap. Usually the code if it exists is for the door lock only. On Vin’s prior to #4200 the code either on the sticker or underneath the drivers headliner should start with WR and consist of 4 digits usually starting in a 3 or 5 Such as WR3876 this is the code for the door lock ONLY. Usually there would be no code shown for the ignition lock. Clearly as the years have past they may have been changed to a one key system as locks have been changed.
On later cars (after VIN #4200) then these should all be a one key system with the key code underneath the drivers headliner (or on the sticker under the steering column canopy) and the code will start with a ‘K’ or a ‘7’ and end with an ‘X’ such as in the picture below K7334X (these are of my car that’s had a lock change)
Again I stress the coding system only works on the assumption the ignition barrel has not been changed/the door locks have not been changed/the doors have not been changed!
This service Is provided to help all DeLorean owners in the UK , this is done as a non for profit service however clearly cost’s have to be covered. Keys will only be sent out by ‘signed for’ service in secure packing, proof of ownership may well be required if non DOC members/or any lost key situations.
The key blanks are just plain key blanks with a plastic head as pictured below. I can cut onto the reproduction DMC key blanks also, however I would suggest this is only done when simply copying a key or we try a cheaper plain blank first to ensure that the ‘cut’ is correct. These can be bought from your favourite seller.
To take advantage of this service please email: with your requirements and we can take it from there.
In summary:

Early cars, door only  = WR5XXX or WR3XXX
Later cars, doors and Ignition = K7XXX
Or I can simply copy your existing key onto a plain key blank or repro DMC key blank.
Ignition Key Blanks:
Reproduction DMC Key Blanks and early door key blanks: