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Full Version: Soon to be imported?
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This is interesting!
Some of you may have twigged that i'm trying to import a car at the moment.
Whilst trying to lay groundwork with HMRC and get an 'advanced tariff rate' ruling, I came across this;
Interestingly, a 'Smokey and the Bandit' flavoured car that I had spotted whilst looking!
Do we know who is bringing this one in?!  Anyone want to 'fess up?!
On the plus side this makes a ruling that DMCs are a '9705' commodity and thus deffo fall in the 'collectible' bracket..
Coming soon to a garage near..?!
That car arrived early Jan and has been returned to stainless (no damaged panels either). Its now MOT'd and registered for legal road use.
(03 Mar 2021, 14:07)DMC1983 Wrote: [ -> ]That car arrived early Jan and has been returned to stainless (no damaged panels either). Its now MOT'd and registered for legal road use.

Wowsers - cool!
Off-hand, how much is a 'de-paint' to return a DMC to stainless, roughly..?
No idea. The owner works for an airplane restoration company or something like that. He used some industrial strength paint remover. It literally made short work of the paint and I dont think he paid much, if anything for the paint stripper. As for having the car regrained, from pictures ive seen the car looks damn good. I have a rough idea how much a regrain costs and theres only one guy that should do it. You may have seen him work his magic in that wheeler dealers episode.

As for the fascias, the owner jet washed the paint on which preserved the paint underneath. I believe he rattle canned them too and they look great. He rattle canned the wheels too which doesnt look great, but he wanted grey and not gold wheels and plans on getting them done properly. So fair dos really
I've just de painted 10855. It had a "proper job" paint job that cost over $4k in the 80s so a decent job. I used peelaway 7, great stuff, no smells, no burning and it literally peeled away in nice ribbons. Overall it cost just over £200 for the stripper and if i hadn't got kids it would have taken a week or two to complete. I had to get new rubbing strips as they could not be salvaged so another couple of hundred. And then on top of that a regrain at around £1000, so in total about £1400 all in.
Thanks guys, good info!
It was an amazing transformation to watch on Facebook. Although I did like the painted colour and gold wheels!
Great work, AcmeTowers!
I'd be interested in seeing that process (on the FB?), if you were kind enough to allow me?
I did think the gold wheels were quite interesting, although tbh the gold paint on the body I would class under 'acquired taste'..!
Not quite the same as those legendary gold-plated jobbies..