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Full Version: 2021 National Event - DOC 25/DMC40
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Okay, I'm just throwing this out for ideas at the moment, as I think we can safely say that due to CV19, 2020 will be a write off as far as car shows are concerned - I was talking to Chris W earlier, and we are not even sure if the NEC will go ahead in November the way things are.

Anyway, whilst I know that Eurofest is on in May 2021, celebrating 40yrs of the DMC, and it is a big (and ££££ event), 2021 also sees the 25th anniversary of the DOC-UK.

I appreciate many on here will be going to Eurofest, and I don't blame you (I went in 2001 and 2006 and it was amazing), and the cost of doing 2 events in one year may be stretching the finances somewhat, especially after a turbulent and uncertain 2020, but after speaking to Chris we'd like to look into the possibility of having a weekend event later in the year, maybe September, to celebrate our own anniversary in addition to that of the car itself.  Plus give people who didn't go to Eurofest a chance to still have a DeLorean weekend with friends old and new.

With that in mind, do people have any preferences on locations and what we'd like to do?  In previous years we've been to Dorset, North Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Norfolk, Buckinghamshire/Northamptonshire and Denbighshire.  Does anyone want to revisit these locations, or go somewhere new?

For instance, we could do a weekend in Warwickshire around Gaydon and maybe another attraction in the area, or have a scenic drive in the Stratford upon Avon area.  Or we could head down to Somerset and go to the Haynes Motor Museum at Sparkford (Yeovil) and another attraction.  Or we could go somewhere like Jodrell Bank and see if it fits in with an event at nearby Tatton Park.

I'm open to suggestions.  I try to find hotels with decent parking that don't cost a fortune.  Last time we stayed at The Green Man at Brackley near Silverstone, which had lovely food, a big carpark and an attached Premier Inn.  There's often the opportunity for a bit of a 'tech sesh' over the weekend too, usually on a Saturday late afternoon after we've got back from that days activities.   We also run a 'Peoples Choice' competition where you can vote for the car you think is the best, and the winning owner will receive an engraved trophy.

If I can get some feedback, then I can start looking into venues, hotels, etc.  Sometimes, if I can guarantee a minimum number of rooms, I can get a deal on a hotel.  I managed this with Ravenhall Hotel in 2013 when we stayed at Robin Hood Bay in North Yorkshire.

Being an anniversary event, we'll lay on some special extras for members to commemorate it.

Hey, I might even have #2292 back on the road lol
Gaydon sounds good to me, Warwick Castle is not far away, and the whole thing is pretty central...just a thought....
(12 May 2020, 20:43)Chris P Wrote: [ -> ]Gaydon sounds good to me, Warwick Castle is not far away, and the whole thing is pretty central...just a thought....

I had wondered about Warwick Castle, but unless you've got a Merlin Pass, it can be an expensive day out. Not sure if Kenilworth Castle is any cheaper - I've got NT and EH membership so I'd get in free, but I need to think of those that haven't.

But, its definately worth considering, and we always used to make quite an entrance at Gaydon during the Supercar Sunday years Smile
I haven't been to Gaydon for ages.

Something else I have wondered about was Bicester Heritage. It's near enough to do both in fact. There is a heritage motoring village and a historic Airfield which does a lot of vintage flying, and has a gliding club, in case anybody would like a spin. ( I did a bit last year and loved it and it was very reasonable).

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Ooh thats an interesting idea Rich, I'll look into it

(Though I didn't do my flights from there, I went from Shenington which is near Gaydon actually...)

Anyway, just an idea - no vested interests!

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I've sent Bicester Heritage an email, it looks like they hold various events throughout the year, so it would be good to be part of a larger event.
Lets see what they come back with .....
Good on you, thank you! As I say, just an idea - I've never been, just somewhere I have heard about.

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The Bicester Heritage website looks really good.

Ok, as it stands, I've emailed Gaydon and Bicester about the possibility of attending Sept/Oct 2021. I've looked at hotels, our best bet would be like last time, and that is a Premier Inn with an attached restaurant.

This is the one near Bicester just off J9 of the M40

This is the one near Banbury, just off J11 of the M40 - this one does look closer to the motorway then the other one, but there's not much in it.

The hotels are closed until 4th July at the earliest going by there website, so unfortunately there is not a lot more I can do in that regard, which is understandable in the current climate.

I'll let you all know when I hear from the potential venues about the possibility of us visiting them.

I've started an event page on our Facebook page too, so I'll endeavour to keep the forum and FB updated all the way through.
Hi, sounds great, count me in please.
Don’t do FB therefore appreciate updates on here.
(17 May 2020, 14:58)SCC Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, sounds great, count me in please.
Don’t do FB therefore appreciate updates on here.

no problems, I'll keep Facebook, this Forum updated, and also make sure its in the Club Magazine when I have more information.
Gaydon have said they'll be happy to have us next year, I'm still waiting to hear back from Bicester Heritage though, but under the current
circumstances that's not surprising.
We are happy to go with the ideas that have already been suggested. Never been to Kenilworth and we do have NT membership and also the Bicester event sounds good. Also happy to return to Gaydon as there is lots to see. We may also go to the 40th in Belfast so it would definitely be good to hold our event in September so as not to clash.
Ditto to all that Mike and Mary... Smile
okay, just an update from Bicester Heritage.

They are happy to host us, but their 'Scramble event' is on the first weekend in October, which could possibly be pushing it with the weather, so if
we wanted to stick to September, then we'd be on our own - however, I can have a chat to friends in the Renault Owners Club and Renault Classic Car Club
and see if they'd be up for joining us and make more of an event of it.

Thoughts please?