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Full Version: Floating / Levitating BTTf DeLorean
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Hi all,

Does anyone want to own up to having one of the floating/levitating BTTF DeLoreans please ?

Amazon Link to floating DeLorean

It's 1/20th scale, but the pictures suggest it's quite nicely detailed, but I'd prefer to hear thoughts from someone who has purchased, and can advise on whether a UK power adapter is an option.

So far, I'm not getting responses from the listed vendors, but that's fair enough it can hardly be considered an essential purchase...

John C
I like the look of it...but $600 looks a bit steep....
Its overpriced. It was like £300 to begin with iirc.

Yes a uk power adapter will work. Ive seen many people in the uk use one. Its needs an adaptor anyway as batteries just wont last long and is supplied with an adapter that should be fine. If it was battery operated and they died, the car would just stop hovering and come crashing down.

Personally, i dislike the way the flux bands light up. tbh theres only so many model time machines i can own and since i own an actual delorean i see these all as just babies toys now  Wink Big Grin

Its a cool toy and i used to have a levitating tardis. The novelty wears off after a while and like most of these things, they end up back in its box.

Theres one on amazon uk for about £460
Theres ones you can import from australia for about £350 on ebay. I still thinks its at least £150 too much. I would rather have one of the 1st run autoart deloreans. Still, each their own and all that but dont spend $600!

I know, I could never justify spending that much on a toy when that could be put towards the betterment of a real-life one!!

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Its quite a nice toy if we are being honest.....what is a full-sized one? Big Grin
(31 Mar 2020, 16:50)Chris P Wrote: [ -> ]Its quite a nice toy if we are being honest.....what is a full-sized one? Big Grin
Haha, very true !

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To be fair, i probably would have bought one if i wasnt saving for an actual delorean at the time. Now that i own a delorean i do consider buying these toys and then think i would rather put £400 into the car. Im about to spend about £300 on a new water pump setup for example.

As i said, its a nice executives toy. Thing is, for a lot of people, it would cost them a full weeks wage. Is 40hrs of your life worth it? You never know, you may get lucky and find one fairly cheap. People need to make cash quick for an unexpected bill or what not. You just gotta be there at the right time
(31 Mar 2020, 02:14)DMC1983 Wrote: [ -> ]I would rather have one of the 1st run autoart deloreans.

Dug mine out to sell, it's a beautiful model but once you have a real one the model ones are just tiny dickheads you don't want to deal with!
And the award for best description goes to....


Yeah i have to agree. Once you have the real deal, the toys just become unappealing.
Nope, not got one or seen one. Although the draw of models is very appealing it does seem a lot of money.