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Full Version: BTTF Pinball Machine - For Sale
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Hi all,

Long time since I’ve posted on here but I wanted to let people know that I’m selling my BTTF Pinball Machine by Data East. I know a few people expressed an interest so thought I’d put a post on here before I stick it on Facebook market place later today in case any one is interested.

Back story: I bought the machine about 5 or so years ago and has always been my pride and joy in my home office inside my home but about 6 months ago the digital display on the upper cabinet has stopped displaying scores. The game itself still plays, all balls and lights etc as do all the bttf quotes and musics but you just don’t know the score you’re getting. Now that I don’t have either of my DeLoreans sadly and now with a baby on the way I think it’s just better to sell it to someone who can get it working properly and enjoy it. I know very few of these ever come up for sale but this one does need some work. I have no idea about pinball machines so assume it needs a new screen. I’m asking £1495 which might sound like a lot but liberty games have one for sale at £6895 currently. Here is the link - 

Photos of mine below. Any questions or anyone interested PM me and we can chat over the phone or WhatsApp. I don’t expect it to hang around.

All the best




Some will know,but Ollie kindly sold me this and after a couple of months (though not in it's final position as yet) and some time/money and effort it's now back to full working order. 
The entire playfield has been dismantled to perform some minor repairs and replacement of various worn/missing/damaged parts, fortunately you can get full re-build kits for them along with a new display and getting the ROM changed so it works in English as opposed to German! There are huge numbers of bulbs on these (about 250 in total) lots I have replaced with LED's especially as some are very difficult to get to under various parts of the playfield. It's certainly bright now with all the bulbs working Big Grin Thanks again Ollie for allowing me to buy this.
I take my hat off to you Chris...I wouldn't know where to start!    Blush
For any one interested there is one of these very rare machines now on eBay: