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Full Version: DVLA Reg number
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Just looking through the DVLA's next auction of reg Feb and noticed   88 SHT......thats a seriously good number! Wink
Ohhh, wonder how much that will go for.
[attachment=714][attachment=713][attachment=712]I don't think it will be too dear.....a unique number.  I attach a couple of pictures of my new Electric MG...which I love! The raffle MG has been presented to its lucky winner, freeing up space in my garage.

My BMW X1 is now available for a keen price 70K miles, Diesel Auto similar colour to MG ..a very good car complete with tow bar...which I shall miss. About £6k
Quote:I attach a couple of pictures of my new Electric MG...which I love
Didn't know you had picked it up, pleased with it? I hadn't seen any bumbling around as yet ( I know a lot are ordered in the Cambs area) so wasn't sure if they had started deliveries.
I ordered mine in July really is great....the acceleration is amazing!

Hang onto your hats....with about 140 mile range in the real world, and the ride is brilliant, much softer than either the BMW or the PHEV, the seats are really comfy'll do me fine Big Grin  

I just need a local six year old, to teach me how to adjust and set all the features!