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Full Version: DOC UK 2020 Calendar
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I've had some excellent submissions this year, and whilst the calendar for 2020 has been designed and
is 'ready to go', I'm holding back as the prices have gone up by around 30% from last year, so I'm currently
negotiating with the supplier and also looking into alternatives.

I'll update the forum and DOC Facebook page when I have more info, I'll be looking to order 50 wall calendars
once again, and they will be on a first come first served basis.
well they say "don't ask, don't get"  ......

Just been offered a storming discount on them, so I'll be putting an order in this week, and they should be
with me and available to purchase by the end of September.

I may even up the quantity, as these are always good sellers on eBay and to overseas DeLorean fans, as well 
as on here and at the NEC Classic Motor Show.
Put one aside for me. Cant wait to see what submissions made the cut
2 for me please..
1 for me too Claire please
They have just landed, and I have to say, I think they look brilliant!

I'll sort pricing out in a moment, they are 170gms each, so I'll put a price up including postage, or, if you
prefer, you can collect from our Club Stand at the NEC in November - if collecting at the NEC, they are £6.50 each.


Prices as follows including postage and packing:  

UK - £7.99
Europe - £9.49
World Zone 1 (eg. N.America, S.America, Africa, Asia) £10.49
World Zone 1 (Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Islands) £10.90

(Cash price at NEC (no postage/packing costs) £6.50)

This is for 1 calendar, if you require more then 1, PM me for a shipping price as weight will take postage into next band.

Paypal remember to include your postal address and say that money is for a calendar to help Chris out Smile





A third of the stock is already sold, if you want one reserving for the NEC or wish to order one
please message me or post on here asap.

Many thanks,
Half of the stock is already sold/spoken for!

They will be available at the NEC for £6.50 each, and they always sell well at the show, so if you want one putting aside for collection, please let me know either on here/PM/via Facebook.
only 17 left now.
Er1c and DMC1983, you said you wanted them, but not heard back from you (unless you purchased via FB page and I didn't realise as I don't know your real names).
Any unsold after the NEC Show next month will be offered on eBay, so please PM or email me if you want one.
Yeah i bought via facebook. I bought 2 in the end. Im Ryan H
(14 Oct 2019, 11:44)DMC1983 Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah i bought via facebook. I bought 2 in the end. Im Ryan H

ah, mystery solved lol  Big Grin
Ok chaps and chapesses...

we have just 14 left, which RichH is taking to the NEC for me.

They will be offered on a first come, first served basis, if you want one putting aside contact me or Chris Williams (easier on Messenger via the DOC-UK Facebook page) as they are always good sellers at the show.

Thank you to everyone who's supported the Club by purchasing them again this year, it is appreciated - 2 are currently winging their way to West Virginia as I speak Smile
Please put my name on one Claire...
DickyH picked them up last night, so I'll message him to put one aside for you.