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Full Version: Possible Project car for sale UK
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There is a possible D Project available for sale, it would really only suit a restorer with the skills to do it:
Good points:
Bodywork done by ChrisN, it's in the UK and every thing's paid for.
Bad Points,
Not running, no engine but a replacement would be provided, needs a body off to strip/repair the chassis or deal with any surface rust in-situ. It is however a solid chassis/needs a full interior re-trim/needs a new windscreen
Roof box is OK, This is not a project that would be done in a few weekends, but it is one of those rare things a UK project. I would rather not post the sellers details myself (not me!) but I know they are on the forum. If someone is genuinely interested please contact me in the first instance and I will pass on your details unless the owner pops up!
Is it a grey or black (though it needs redoing obviously), manual or automatic?

Quote:Is it a grey or black (though it needs redoing obviously), manual or automatic?
Ahh yes Rolleyes 5 Speed, was a grey interior but all will need re-trimming to be used, so could be either grey or black. Price is 12k

Interesting little project. Any pics?
(01 Sep 2019, 20:56)stunned_monkey Wrote: [ -> ]Thar she blows

will probably sell for more than 12k but looks like a decent project car
A lot of work.....not one for the inexperienced.....IMO..
A bit of spit and polish...… maybe its just bad lighting Smile