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Full Version: WTD - Stock silencer/ muffler.
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Hi folks - as per the title really - am on the lookout for a decent secondhand stock exhaust silencer as mine has cracked through in several places on the rear.  I have welded it in the past but my present stripdown has shown that the crack has run again and it is now cracking around the rear rivets too.  Later ones preferable but anything considered!  I'm near Derby but can pay any courier fees or pop to collect if it's reasonably near.

Many thanks, Rich
Hi Rich,

I have the one I took off 2703 when I fitted the free flow exhaust. It's stored in my Father in Laws garage. if you are interested let me know and I can PM you some pictures over the weekend.
Hi Ian - there's no immediate hurry,  but if you happen to be going that way, and can spare a few minutes,  then yes please.  I'm going to such an effort with this frame off job that I don't want to knowingly put a cracked one back!  Thanks,  Rich ( will pm phone no. )
I have a stock silencer available too - I'm in Cardiff.
Cheers for that Spud - I think I may be sorted thanks, but will let you know if necessary! Cheers Rich