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Full Version: Project car on EBay UK
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That looks like a seriously good buy to me!!   Tongue

If I were looking for a car,  (or had 20k spare) I would already be on his door step, with a substantial cash deposit in my pocket...

.....You make your own luck in this life! Wink
I've sent the link to Simon Bailey, as he was after a grey 5spd as a project car.
In a situation like need to move FAST....I mean faffing.......been there, done that.
Seems like he has an extra door in there too.
its gone from eBay...I hope it was one of us that bought it?  Fess up someone? Shy
Simon was interested, not sure if he had funds ready though.
It was sold with a lot of BTTF kit, wonder if it will end up being a time machine. The more I think about it, the more I want a time machine as well as my stock car. Sadly I'm not that rich
I havent bought it Smile
As you probably know Chris N made my car into a BTTF one, indeed the first drivable one in the UK.

But we all know the attention a standard DeLorean gets...with a BTTF replica its EXTREME.....especially on motorways, when folk are cutting you in front and going along-side etc.  I found it all a bit too much.

It almost turned into another business...which I didn't want.

 Now there must be over a dozen BTTF cars in the UK, with some of those run along business lines....also with much more competition than I faced.

Thats not what the DeLorean is about for me......its  just a hobby.          But each to his own. Wink