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Full Version: Craig Radio Display Ribbon Cable - Re-manufactured
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This, this what makes the Craig radio display work...

I was sitting in my shed, soldering wires to the LED display, when I slipped with my soldering iron and burnt my hand.

When the pain had subsided I had a vision in my head, a vision of this:

The Craig Radio LED Display Ribbon Cable

It's taken nearly fifteen years and almost my entire family fortune to realise the vision of that.......oh wait.

Here it is folks. It really has taken fifteen years to get this done - time flies  Rolleyes

I wanted one of these for my own Craig radio, but I've had to have a run made to make it even close to viable.

They are almost identical to the originals (right down to the part number!) apart from one key difference, they are slightly longer.

The reason for that is so that the cable can be routed in front of the display hinge pin instead of behind it. That increases the bending radius of the cable so it is less prone to folding and should last much, much longer.

The cable is soldered onto the back of the display, so that means you will need to have good soldering skills, if you overheat the contacts on the cable, they will de-laminate and the cable will be damaged.

There is potential in the not too distant future to offer some form of replacement 'service' for those unable to do this themselves, the exact form that will take I'm not sure right now.

I'm offering up these for sale for anyone who wants to replace the cable on their display so they can once again have a fully illuminated display (assuming all the LEDs work) and not be fearful of using the cassette door.

Price is 30 GBP each including shipping to anywhere in the world.

If you want one, PM me and I'll give you my email address. You might not hear back from me instantly, I don't sit in front of my computer all day  Wink
Very fancy, not sure how you get something like this made but well done. For your next project if you can work out a way to get ASI radio's converted to a UK frequency then that would be a handy thing to do. ;-)
You could perhaps take mine to bits and find out? Shy Euro-Spec you know!

Well done Richard, I don't know how you sort all this fiddly stuff out...anything less that a 8mm spanner and I'm out of my depth. Blush
Quote:For your next project if you can work out a way to get ASI radio's converted to a UK frequency then that would be a handy thing to do. ;-)

If I can get my hands on one, I may well just be able to do that  Wink
Thanks Rich, for an excellent item works and fits perfectly. [Image: a31a83ab0589269b398ed030eb1693ba.jpg]

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