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Full Version: Limited edition pin badges
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Hi everyone just had two limited edition pin badges arrive from the bttf website and they came with two extras such as a replica of martys receipt from 2015 and a photo of Claudia wells infront of her store in the USA.
Cant post photo as its too large if anyone can reduce size let me know so everyone can see it
[Image: E4B80F39-BA7A-4AFC-90D9-E50F2C23C350.jpeg]here is the photo of the goodies that arrived.
Thanks to Tris for helping me get the photo to upload
Awesome stuff - a nice little package of items there Smile

Yea the pins have a number on them saying which number out of 9,995 they are but I wont know unless I open the packet. I also found that there is info on the back of the photo with the website of claudia's shop
they look really nice Smile