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Full Version: VIN 4400
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So I joined the forum a few years ago and spent quite a lot of time just lurking in the background, reading the posts but not getting involved. I then became a paid up member so I could get the magazine and keep an eye out for a potential purchase. In the year that I was an official member I helped out at the Manchester Classic and also the NEC. Got to know Chris Williams and Chris Parnham and felt that my involvement with Deloreans has been greater in the last year of my life than it has the previous 29 years. 

So I felt happy enough with how things were going, until I came across the sales ad for VIN 4400 on the Eurotech forum. (Wasn't actually a member, just a google result). Did a bit of background research on the car, found its got quite a lot of history, (as i'm sure a lot of members will be aware of) so I decided now was a good a time as any to finally become an owner and boom, Car Delivered to me the day before my 30th Birthday. I couldn't be happier.

Turns out I live very close to Mr Williams' mother, so he swung by the other day to give it the once over. I'm sure i'll be taking full advantage of his technical knowledge in the future to the point he blocks my number. Big Grin

But yeah that's my story.
Your life will never be the same again!  .

Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Delorean Ownership and our forum....It's good fun getting a new car..Isn't it?

You are very close to our average membership age of 28. Smile Unique in any car club. (some of us are a tad older!) Blush
Hi Again Michael,
Sorry I did not tie up our other previous emails and meetings at the NEC. My 'old grey cells' are getting older all the time! Blush

Yes you've ended up with a nice car being the ex Phil P's car. You may know that Phil bought a near immaculate RHD car from me then TOTALLY went through it all again, over many years, to get it perfect...thats Phil. Wink

I probably have some photo's of 4400 at the NEC, but it will take me a while to find them...buried among the 1000,s of other DeLorean photo's on my computer!

The water pipe /otter-stat housing I had a hand in; I eventually passed the job over to Arran, now Delorean-Go,  as it was more in his line, getting things made and selling them on. I think its a big improvement over the factory one....where I once had one 'Pop-out'...loosing all my cooling water.  Boiling a DeLorean engine in one of the few ways you can ruin them!

Good luck with your new car ....enjoy the moment and patient with the general public who will keep asking the same daft questions every time to stop! Remember, for most of them, it will be the very first time they have ever seen a DeLorean 'free range', and to any car enthusiast ...It will be a special day.

You are our latest Ambassador for the marque. Big Grin
Quote:I'm sure i'll be taking full advantage of his technical knowledge in the future to the point he blocks my number
You had all I know mate! Big Grin Tongue
all jokes aside, any problems, other than already pointed out, (and there will be some) then just ask, plenty of good folk around to help!
#4400 is one of the first DeLoreans I got to know, I believe this used to be in the custody of Phil Peters many years ago ?
It did yeah, it's become a common theme that when I tell a Delorean owner I've bought 4400 they always ask if that used to be Phil Peters car haha. I can only hope that in the future it eventually becomes "4400?? Isn't that Michael Sutton's car?"

But I'm glad I've been able to buy one that was so well cared for. And it's nice to own a car that a lot people know of.