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Full Version: Finally got a Delorean...& it's about time!
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Hi, all,

New to the forum but joined the club in '99. Finally after waiting nearly 30 years, I got a DMC-12 last week, VIN 5294. It came over from Texas last year & it's not yet registered in the UK but hopefully I'll be doing that in a week or so.
Spent the last few days cleaning the interior & doing the odd bit of 'tinkering' as that's all I can do 'til it's road legal, lol  Big Grin

See you in the future!

Congrats! Looks a really nice car
How did you find it?

Congratulations Rob,
you are the 4th person I know who has made their long term dream come true in the last few weeks.

I got my first car in 1999...and have still got it. 

As a matter of interest I recon its value has increased about four-fold.  All that fun and better than money in the bank....cant be bad! Smile
Well done mate, it's had a complicated life so far but nothing that cant be sorted out.
Well done!

Same here - 30 years in the making and I finally achieved my dream in April this year.
I joined the DOC sometime in 2000 or 2001 myself. So a very similar story Smile
Best of luck