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Full Version: 11477 stars in local radio promo vid
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On Monday 23rd July 2018 I was invited to bring my beloved D to the local radio station, where I’d built up an acquaintance.

They wanted to film a small gag with the car. It was such fun and they were over awed with the car.
Anyway, it’s only a short one and it’s bit of a laugh...


(I’ve tried sharing to the club Facebook page, but I don’t think it allows visitor posts)
Nice one Tris, I used to do wedding hire with the D about 10 years ago, best of luck with the hire jobs, there will be a lot of interest.  Cool
It may come to nothing.... but I’m just enjoying the car anyway.

All my years of knowledge on the car pays off when chatting to people when I stop somewhere. Great fun Big Grin