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Full Version: vin 11789 unusual to have this missing?
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I've been spending a little time over the months working on vin 11789. I've replaced most of the fuel lines, all the vac hoses, water pipes, rad, expansion tank, and "dry fitted" everything in the engine bay. ( By that I mean no copper washers on the injector pipes or jubilee clips) I've refitted the exhaust and am about ready to try firing her up. But realised that it is missing (another) something. this ... On facebook it's been confirmed that it should be there!!!

So before I lash out on a new one  - does anybody have one for sale?

it's a shame because there's not a lot to it engineering wise - but I don't have the gear to make one.
That's an odd part to have missing! Have you tried ringing Dave Howarth (number on the website) he has an amazing amount of parts hidden away.