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Full Version: A610 3.0L PRV V6 DeLorean ‘Legacy 2’ Project For Sale
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A610 3.0L PRV V6 DeLorean ‘Legacy 2’ Project For Sale

The below project was designed around replacing the older, normally aspirated odd fire 2.85L PRV V6 in my DeLorean DMC-12 with a later even fired PRV which was better suited to turbo charging.  The turbo charged A610 3.0L PRV fitted this brief perfectly, as it helps to keep the original ‘PRV’ look, sound and feel; but with an evolved, enhanced solution much like how DMC would have approached this, should the technology/time been available during the DeLorean’s development cycle (which was up to the January 1981 launch).  As such, anyone wanting a PRV powered car (A310, A610, Alpine, Venturi, kit car, to name just a few) to maintain a level of ‘purity’ yet enjoy the benefits of a compact, forged, evolved solution to experience a performance increase as well as maintaining reliability, please read on…

The information and parts below represent a huge head start into the project which was managed from the beginning by John Law of JL Engineering at the helm.  JL Engineering was chosen based on the high quality of similar other ‘super’ PRV builds.  JL uses only the very best components and suppliers to produce a stronger internal base to cope with being able to produce a reliable 300 to 350HP when utilising modern EFI and twin turbos.  The new components listed below (rods, pistons, liners etc) will be good for up to 600 wheel HP.

Project Brief
A bit of background of the DeLorean Turbo legacy:-
A few DeLorean Twin Turbos exist out there, but they are based on using the original odd-file 2.85 V6 with intercoolers (the way Legend Industries were tackling it). Legend were working with the technology of the time i.e. the DeLorean had been released in early 1981 and to address the low power output they were tasked to develop single and twin turbo options.  The odd fire PRV version can only be boosted mildly, hence why I wanted the ‘Legacy 2’ to take Legend’s legacy of their twin turbo approach; but with the benefits of the later even fire PRV, EFI and turbo technology now available.

Reason for sale
Although I started my conversion project based around the ‘purity’ of an upgraded ‘forged’ PRV 3.0 V6 (A610) twin turbo solution I realised part way through that a normally aspirated LS3 V8 would be more suited to my requirements i.e. normally aspirated V8 instead of a twin turbo charged V6.  As such, the parts below will give anyone who wants to pursue a ‘super’ PRV project a huge head start. 

Progressing Further
JL Engineering has confirmed they are very happy to continue the project with the new owner of the parts if required.  Currently all of the parts listed below are at my home in Milton Keynes.

Condition of the three groups for sale
The parts below have been separated into three groups:-

·         GROUP 1 - original overhauled A610 engine block and other aluminium ancillaries have been vapour blasted and then applied with an ACF-50 anti-corrosion aircraft grade coating
·         GROUP 2 - used A610 parts that were part of the original factory A610 engine
·         GROUP 3 - Brand new (forged where applicable) parts specified by JL Engineering and manufactured from their various specialists

Descriptions & Photos Of Available Items
Each item below has a sample photo plus a link to the relevant image gallery.  This one message/topic will only allow me to show 10 images so for some of the below instead of seeing a preview image, you'll find it as part of the gallery.

A610 Engine Block
[Image: fhXV4KYWKI79JYXcw81YL8cQzcnEUPq4h91tl-ur...9ZF39=w800]
More images:
Later version of the 3L even fire with under piston oil squirters

A310 DeLorean Sump
[Image: UsQ0bvCo49JbKgEwkB9wc_Ho00D3oc6O9ChHl4f2...i-PGn=w800]
More images:
This sump is from the Renault A310 and was the stock sump also used by the DeLorean DMC-12.

A610 Crankshaft
[Image: 6NkbM_fFJs1M7W9TQRMbs9dPjpBPm_XPyEAu8Jzp...HCUij=w800]
More images:

A610 Cylinder Heads
[Image: 65XXR8NbnN7czdNdTNoTr4K-M_1ruG21sGuRw8Qy...X6dfT=w800]
More images:

A610 Engine Mount Plate
[Image: xjz_ZT7Kp-g1Tr5oWQJK1sxwVH2S3W1sf4DG39_p...REIhP=w800]
More images:
Modified for oil drains and a breather.

A610 Rocker Covers
[Image: QFZVVm5SG1YLMF4lkdABMwkudI2q6TgNdsKj8cc1...bjCL7=w800]
More images:

A610 Rocker Shafts & Associated Parts


A610 Timing Chain Cover
[Image: fCTcWxF7Ns2-qeLRvxL-yu8JJh_m4s8Hg5cGg2fi...fWkIS=w800]
More images:

A610 Timing Chain Parts

A610 Water Transfer Pipe

A610 Laser Cut 36-1 Engine Trigger Wheel (Brand New)

Forged Carrillo Connecting rods (Brand New)
[Image: RJBByRcJGgo4KJ8yoNaQ8HPDuoQRbuLRsZhBEAnS...jhNfE=w800]
More images:
Six 3 litre Carrillo connecting rods. Carrillo are the market leader for connecting rods.  Specified by JL Engineering for this project.

Westwood Ductile Liners (Brand New)
Six 3 litre ductile iron liners.  Four times stronger than OEM and bed in better than stock steel liners.  Specified by JL Engineering for this project.

JE Pistons (Brand New)
[Image: xgt5gpDhCe85yztH-UeE2jSa7lSigeflVAX68c2_...LYsOJ=w800]
More images:
Six bespoke forged pistons specified by JL Engineering for this project.

SPA Gauges (Brand New)
[Image: 5rwoH6JHhPpGDHjaB36ZTBceln4Zoj_LrCWfLdaR...34lfO=w800]
More images:
Brand new oil pressure and turbo boost gauges which have an anti-glare coating.  SPA installed a white LED backlight in each when ordered to match the DeLorean; as the off the shelf models at the time only came with blue or red LED back lights.  Photos show the optimal position within a DeLorean to not obscure view.  The next phase would have been to make a fibreglass pod to mimic the larger dashboard binnacle.

TTV Bespoke Specification Dual Plate Clutch
TTV Custom Billet Flywheel (Both Brand New)


300-350hp takes you to the threshold of the higher end limit of a single plate setup. A single plate would mean a heavier pedal and be a larger heavier unit.  A single would behave much like the standard clutch but be at the limits of its design with the car running full power.  A single clutch could struggle with track days etc.  The twin plate is lighter both in weight and on the pedal.  It may feel slightly grippier than a standard clutch but will enable smoother shifting when driving harder. The twin plate will hold the torque without issue. 

The price for all items listed above is £9,700 which includes FREE worldwide shipping.  I will however consider serious offers if the buyer is prepared to organise and pay for their own collection.  I’d rather sell as a job lot but if someone just wants one or two of the three groups as covered above, then contact me with an offer.  

Other Information
Please note: I’ve also advertised this project elsewhere.

For any queries please email me in the first instance:  

Postage: Free postage OR Collection from Milton Keynes
Collection: 15 minutes from M1 J14/J15 and 40 minutes from M40 J10/11 (MK13).  Evenings from 6pm and weekends.  Week day collections could be possibly arranged but would need to be communicated and agreed in advance.
wow Chris that is an epic set up!
The Legacy2 project has now been SOLD and going into a different type of car (interior style and colour scheme is different), which means the gauges remain available and are best suited for a DeLorean project or similar white on black gauge layout.  They can be viewed here:-
Cant wait to see the epic build on your car now Chris, poor old #2292 is still languishing in the
back of the garage whilst Phill's hand recovers from his fight with a table saw (that he lost).
Hi Claire,
It's all been very exciting; I'm currently writing up my Legacy3 project which I'll be submitting to the club mag and via its topic below:-

I have that wonderful feeling back that you have as a new owner all over again Smile