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Full Version: Greetings
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Hi all, 

I am new to the forum and the owners club, although I'm still looking for my DeLorean.  

But looking forward to coming along to the meets and get involved even if I am sans dream car!


Welcome Pav,

many members of the club didn't own a DeLorean when they first joined (including me) but over the years many now do.

  Its more of a challenge now because of rising prices, but keep looking and saving. Sad

 Don't fill your house with DeLorean related nick-nicks (apart from a couple of good books!) but put the money in a piggy bank instead. 

Thats my tip anyway. Smile
Welcome to the mad house Pav Smile

I'll echo Chris's comments above, arm yourself with information rather then ornaments,
come along to some meets (we've got quite a few cars coming to the Retro show in June)
and enjoy the cars and the bants.
Welcome to the Club, Where abouts do you live? and have you met another owner yet and seen a DeLorean in person?