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Full Version: Pilot 21
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Pilot 21 has been bought by Wolfgang Hank in Germany

Chris P, hopefully a reunion with P20 can happen some day soon  Smile
Ahh yes, spotted this too. They had to make up a VIN number for it.
Well 'make up' is perhaps a little strong. Add on a few numbers to the front perhaps.  These cars were never designed to be sold of course, their survival is something of a miracle. Only made possible because DMC went bust.

I've read the lot, using a cut and paste translation website.

Getting a number to get it out of the USA was certainly a big issue!
Yep, pretty impressive stuff and awesome that a few of the pilots survived to tell the tale.
Is 21 the one that Chris Nicholson owned or the other chap (who's name escapes me)
No, I think this is new to us. Chris N had Pilot 20 in his worksop the last time  I visited him, He was also half way through restoring Pilot 19.

As a matter of interest the stainless panels used on the 3 cars was all basically hand beaten, so was a bit thinner than normal. Hence it got dented over the years and the  2 cars ended up painted.  When Chris stripped Pilot 20 back,  he spent 110 hours just straightening out the bonnet!  Can you imagine how long it took in total! If you google 'Pilot 20 DeLorean' ..the story is all there on his website.
Hi all...very jealous..

i did bid on this car a few years ago, the first Surviving Auto.

when found was in poor but original condition. i did speak to Sasha about it, and then Ken K (who eventually purchased it!)

it still had one plexi window, and a handwritten sticker on the gear shift (showing gears). doors were internally a little rusty (not too bad though) as they are of course mild steel for the internal panel. it only ever had one seat, the drivers, as nothing else was required for the emissions testing it went though. it was missing its front screen, but all panels were there, as were the front and rear finishers

i think (could be wrong) it did have a UK number (and i think had it when i was bidding a few years ago on ebay).

i was not all that happy as i was going to ship it here and work on it ...very slowly. Ken K won it but i think did little in the years he had it..


ex vin 1621
fascinating story Steve. I'm sure you'll have another one day.
Pilot 20 could be available now......if you have deepish pockets..I feel rather guilty driving it as it should really be in a specific DeLorean museum....In Dunmurry....but of course there isn't  one. Sad
However, there will be a DeLorean museum soonish near Dunmurry.....
If it comes to fruition, it could be a nice trip for the club.....
It would be nice Tris...there have been a few 'false starts' over the years.......
That’s a shame. Hopefully Ciaran will get it going this time round.....
Yes, Ciaran Woods.