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Full Version: Vin #4454
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Hang on to your old DeLorean engines, they will be worth big money in years to matter what faults they have. Block Rot the lot.........
will probably sell mine to help fund the project.
It will make nice coffee tableSmile

I bought yesterday Laguna Mk2 with L7X 210HP tiptronic - £400. Luckily I checked ebay and it was 20minutes awaySmile 80k miles on clock.
I will start removing engine in 4weeks as I'm moving my house next week.
Hopefully i will scrap Laguna before my D arrives from US. Currently some delay due to hurricanes...
I plan to open engine to check if all components are OK. Normally i would put new clutch anyway but in this case I will get it with flywheel.
I also decided Renault as I have diagnostic equipment from dealership, so easier to get it running in D. Currently no faults.

So far in love with sound of that engine Smile
Its a wonderful noise isn't it, and so quiet at tickover too. We paid £420 for the Pug.

You'll probably be able to sell loads of bits off the Laguna and recover a lot of your purchase price too. Wheels, leather seats, navigation system, etc - I assume its the Initiale model?

The Pug we've bought has got the Brembo front brakes - they are worth £200-250 all day long Big Grin
Received confirmation this morning that my #4454 is arriving to Felixstowe on 31/10/2017. Smile
nice one!
car arrived to Barcelona early yesterday! Now it is loaded to second ship to leave tomorrow for it is final destination of Felixstowe that will be reach on 31.10.2017.

Anybody has experience about how long it takes from there for customs to clear it for pick up ?
Used to be about 2 or 3 ...not sure now.
Great to hear the car is on the way... is it in a Container or Roll on Roll off?
It is in shared container. I'm using company called ShipMyCar from Milton Keynes. Their quote was competitive and included insurance from moment of picking up the car until is delivered to me. There was little delay in shipping because of hurricanes, but I don't mind as I was moving my house at the time.
Pick up from Milton Keynes in about a week time.

Anybody local and have trailer or can recommend some local transport company?
I seem to recall #2292 took about a week, as it came into Thamesport, but then the container was moved to Tilbury and I collected it from there.
Quote:Anybody local and have trailer or can recommend some local transport company
From where to where?
Milton Keynes to Banbury. It is about 30miles.
we use a local trailer hire company to us near Nottingham, he charges us £45 a day plus £100 deposit. You'll probably have someone similar near you.
I unfortunately can't tow such load with my car. Need a car transporter. Self drive one cost similar to hiring a company to do it = ~£100
I guess I will go with second option as it is less hassle.
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