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Full Version: Back to the Future DeLorean For Sale
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Hi All,

I’m thinking about selling my ‘Back to the Future Time Machine’ replica, Mr Fusion model. It’s been a really busy and enjoyable three years since I bought the car and I have been all over the place with it and been able to do some great events! Recently I lost my mum and it makes you reassess your priorities and I just don’t have the same desire to the long days driving round the country to the events and the car is too good to just be sat in a garage.

I wanted to post this on the forums before putting the car up for sale through the mainstream channels to see if any other DeLorean/BTTF fans were interested first.

The car has been used for publicity by a lot of high profile companies for promo and TV such as Microsoft, Pepsi/Uber, BBC, ITV, Sky, Coronation Street, Secret Cinema, Halfords, GiffGaff, Deloitte, Speedy Hire, Manchester Airport, Teenage Cancer Trust and lots more.

The car was built by Bruce Coloumbe in the states, who builds these cars for a living and is an ex- NASA electrical engineer. The build quality is impeccable and meticulous with every prop individually fused and full wiring diagrams and schematics included. The car was then sold to my friend Luke Brynycz based near Bradford who then sold it to me in 2014. The car itself spent most of it’s life in the dry state of Texas before being shipped to Florida for conversion before being used for some promotional work at Universal Orlando (at the Hard Rock Café). The car had a rebuilt engine in 2011 before it’s conversion and the chassis (as you would expect of a Texas car) has no rust at all. Since I have had the car it has needed little work in terms of upgrades to the ‘BTTF props’ but we did replace the flux band lights from an LED tape to a 360 degree neon flex which gives a more solid and brighter light. Everything works on the car as it does in the movies, you can input dates into the time circuits, if you hit 88mph (or kph) time travel mode will activate, the doors and Mr Fusion make the correct noises when opened, there is a fog machine hooked up to the rear vents and numerous sound clips are played via internal and external speakers and everything can be activated via remote control. The car also comes with hoverwheels to give the effect of it flying whilst in static display which I believe is the only one in Europe with this.

It has just passed it’s MOT so is good to go until mid May 2018 and any jobs are parts that have needed doing have been done. The car is running and driving lovely. I am looking for £65k and I am happy to chat over any further details or questions that anyone might either over the phone on 07828790512 or email I'm still keeping my stock DeLorean as I could never be without one!

Some pictures below but I am a bit limited with what I can upload so please also view:


Good luck with this mate, though as I mentioned before I think a specialist auction would attract a greater audience and greater exposure however good of you to offer it to the enthusiast market first.
This car genuinely is as immaculate as advertised. The bumpers were professionally resprayed in the correct Alfa colour, and texture spray was added to the black bumper parts to give it a premium finish. It wants for nothing and drives every bit as good as it looks. Both myself and Ollie have meticulously looked after it over the years and it hasn't been abused at events. It also had an expensive alarm fitted with a certificate etc.

Good luck Ollie, although I doubt you need it. May it give another Delorean/BTTF fanatic the euphoric driving experience for many years also. There's nothing quite like hitting the roads on a summers day in it :-)
Sad to hear this Ollie, and I fully understand and appreciate your reasons behind putting the Time Machine up for sale.
Good luck with it, I hope she finds as good a home as you and Luke have given her over the last few years.
Car is now Sold
Thanks for updating us Ollie, is the car staying in the UK?
(19 Oct 2017, 11:04)Guinney1971 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks for updating us Ollie, is the car staying in the UK?

Yes it is, car will be moving to the Manchester area. The guys buying the car will continue using the car for events and I'm hopeful they might be up for bringing the car to the NEC!
Quote:Yes it is, car will be moving to the Manchester area
Oh dear, will all those BTTF cars in the Manchester area cause a rift in the space time thingy................. Confused
OMG, Chris, you could be onto something............