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Full Version: Deciphering the scribbles on my doors
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I recently read about what some of the markings found written on the doors. I learned about the Key Code, VIN and born on date. The following are photos of my doors,

Drivers Side Door:
[Image: DS.jpg]

Passenger Side Door:
[Image: PS.jpg]

As can be seen, the VIN given is 11606 which was re-assigned to 16606. Does anyone know any specific details as to when the re-assignment to the 16xxx range would have taken place. 

The Born on date, as I read it to be known as, is 15th January 1982. I don't know what the symbol/initial followed by the 11.00 means. I thought the symbol could be a "B" from some angles for Born, or the mark could be an "@". Does anyone know if the "11.00" would be the time of completion/engine start up or similar? Alternatively if anyone knows the true definition of "born on date" or what this date and apparent time actually means I would be interested to know. I imagine therefore that my car would have sat around at the Dunmurry factory for some time before being shipped to the USA and having had it's new VIN plate added which states the manufacture date at Aug 1982.

Also there are other markings in these photos. If anyone is able to shed any light on what they could mean I would love to know as I build a picture of the history of my D.

Any help, information and opinion anyone is able to provide will be greatly appreciated.

Not sure about specifics, but this may (or may not) help: Lots of pics and peoples ideas as to what they al mean/refer to including ones of mine!
Here are the scribbles from 16339 which I imported in 2009... 
Just for comparison really, I'm not sure what every number means but The doors have 6-1-82 Which happens to be exactly 35 years ago TODAY!  

P.S I've hidden part of the key code as it's not mine to show
Hi all, I’ve just bought 10023 and sure enough within the doors there are the scribbling, it looks like Metal Mickey advances to a signature!