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Full Version: Dec 2016 East Midlands Xmas meet?
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Any interest in a pre-Xmas meet up?  Thinking maybe of something with a Premier Inn/Travelodge attached for anyone who wants to travel from afar (Ben?) and stop over.

It would have to be a weekend in December, so if I can gauge interest on here first, then I'll look into booking a table somewhere.

I know Paul Birks is interested in a get together, so hopefully something can be sorted out.
I don't mind traveling afar on the same day without stopping over Claire, however I will need ample notice to (try) to get it off work. Saturday's and Sunday's in the hospitality biz during December are usually out of bounds for having off, but the more notice the better!
Ok mate, will have a chat with Rissy over the weekend and see which one he can do (he usually ties it in with going to jolly jock land for Xmas) and let you know asap.
Can I reply direct?

Ignore everything i'm about to say if the answer's no. Wink

I'm going back up to "Jolly Jock land" (home) on Wednesday the 21st.

I currently have no plans for the preceding weekends in December, meaning i'm completely open to any of those. Problems relating to me coming up for a get-together, pending. (I'll let you know)
ok, sounds good Rissy Smile

Shall I look into booking something round here for Sat 3rd/10th/17th then? Ben, can you get any of these Saturday's off?
(12 Nov 2016, 22:28)Guinney1971 Wrote: [ -> ]ok, sounds good Rissy Smile

Shall I look into booking something round here for Sat 3rd/10th/17th then?  Ben, can you get any of these Saturday's off?


If it was totally my choice, the 10th would be the best for me.

However, don't feel obligated to choose that day just because it's convenient for me... if there isn't enough interest, (and I know you've got a lot on), then it's not compulsory to arrange something. 

It was good to catch up last weekend, and I may even take the D to a couple of shows next year.
You have to come along Benji. I never had a proper chance to catch up on Sunday. Tony was hogging all my attention and then once I finally escaped, you'd gone!
10th sounds good to me.
Ok, we'll go for the 10th then. Shall I book us the dining room at the Hogs Head in Awsworth (near J26 of the M1) that we went to a couple of years ago?

I'll book something for around 1.30pm - is that ok with you timewise Ben? I appreciate you've got a 3-4hr drive up here from yours (traffic permitting).

I'll speak to the Hogs Head and let you know what they say, I'm pretty sure Andy Westerman will join us too and I'll pass the info on to Paul Birks as I know he was interested in meeting up with everyone again.
just a heads up, I've spoken to Andy at the Hogs Head and they are fully booked for the 10th, so I'll look into other venues.


ok, all sorted Smile

Saturday 10th December, 1.30pm:


Food looks reasonably priced, and the reviews are good too. I've been speaking to them tonight, and they are used to car clubs visiting.
If people can confirm on here asap, so that I can give them a firm idea on numbers, that would be great, thanks.
that's Andy Westerman confirmed to be joining us, and Paul Birks is a maybe depending on him getting the time off work Smile
(23 Nov 2016, 23:13)Guinney1971 Wrote: [ -> ]that's Andy Westerman confirmed to be joining us, and Paul Birks is a maybe depending on him getting the time off work Smile

Thanks for organising this Claire. 

And yes, we will be there, 2 adults, and 1 big and one small child :-)

 Thanks for the email also. Any changes, then let me know!
Brill thanks Ben - also been chatting on Facebook to Oliver and Terry Holler, who've recently been touring Europe in their BTTF car - they are going back to the USA on 12th December and are looking into the possibility of joining us - although they may not have the car with them, as its got to go to Southampton to be shipped back to the US.
me, Phill, Kez n Gwen
Ben, Leanne, Toby & Phoebe
Andy Westerman
Rich Hutchinson
Phil Peters & Anna
Chris McGeachy & Sarah
Possible: Paul Birks, Paul Bardill (work depending), Terry & Oliver Holler (will try and get up from dropping their BTTF car at Southampton docks to join us before going back to the USA on the 12th.)
Could you just confirm the timing please Claire. Saturday are always tricky for me as I organise our family evening meal, but i'd like to pop down for an hour or two  if possible, as it is very close to me.
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