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Full Version: Spotted in Wickham, A32 (Portsmouth)
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A metallic red DeLorean - something like GEU or GEW 116W... anyone we know? I knew there was a red D somewhere local, but this was the first time I'd seen it. I was one of the thousand+ bikers out enjoying the weather (yesterday... perhaps 5pm).
Very close on the reg number it's GEU 166W, that would be Matt Woodall from Southampton,
It was indeed! Lovely seeing one out in the wild; especially a couple of miles from where mine is sat Smile
its a nice car, and Matt is a really nice guy too
I call them "free range"…and I've only ever seen 2 DeLoreans 'free range' (apart from near an event of course) That must be many other folks experience, no wonder they stop traffic and cause so much interest…….
A friend was "with me" (biking with bluetooth headsets) and that's the first he'd ever seen as well and he's worked on all three of my cars as well as been to various shows with me. But out there on the road? Very very rare. I've seen, probably half a dozen. That's the first red/painted one but I've seen a couple on the A34, or randomly on the M25, M1 etc. But then again, I was doing 30+k a year so it was more likely.
Taken during the DOC-UK weekend in Dorset 2yrs ago.