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Full Version: LADY
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Hello all  
My names Brian and my partner is Jill ,have bean a member of the club for several years and owned a delorean (know as LADY) for about 5 or 6 years  which due to house and family has been parked in the workshop. Due to an invite by the local VW garage to display it in there show room a few months back we now hope to be out on the road again, and with luck hope to attend the club event at silverstone.
 Im sure i will have some mechanical questions for you guys in the months ahead as each time i solve one problem 2 more appear but it is good fun working on such a classic.

once again hi
Hi Brian, great to see you on the forum, if you use Facebook we have a pretty active page on there too.
Be awesome if you can make it to the 20th Anniversary Meet at Bletchley Park too Smile