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Full Version: Brand New Font Wings £300 each
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An Ebay advert offering NEW front wings at £300 each:

Newly remanufactured De Lorean® front wings / fenders now available to order. Both Left and Right sides are available and made to exacting original equipment standards in stainless steel.
These will be manufactured once enough orders are received. We request that you pay a deposit of £50 today towards the full price of £300, with the balance requested from you prior to shipment. We will send you an invoice. Shipping will be free.
Please note these items can only be shipped to UK addresses at this time so if you live outside the UK you will have to make your own arrangements from a UK shipping point.
We expect that these items will be made and shipped to you by year end 2016 or early 2017 so please don't bid if you need this part urgently.
By paying £50 it entitles you to one of these parts should demand be sufficient to make them. We will notify you of progress towards their availability and request payment of the balance at that time. If for any reason we are not able to fulfil this order we will refund the deposit to you promptly.
Finally, once you have paid your deposit (Paypal only) please send us a message stating whether you want a Left or Right Side item (i.e. as if sat looking forward from the driver's seat -regardless of whether the car is RHD or LHD spec).
Many thanks in advance for your custom.
no feedback…pay £50 up front….? taking a bit of a chance i'd say. …….Just My Opinion.
You might as well throw your money in the sea...
The only people who would be interested in these is DMC Houston, who are looking at doing exactly this themselves... anyone in the UK can get theirs sorted by Chris N.
Exactly and i'd sooner trust Chris N.
The listing was removed but now back on asking for a £250 deposit. I would like to think that this is genuine and think it's great someone may actually be able to do it. However the big concern is handing over the deposit (especially now it's £250) with no comeback. Paypal claims only go for something like 45-50 days, I think I would like to see a smaller deposit with some kind of assurance they are going to actually attempt to get the parts made. They have had other parts made in Stainless Steel so it may just happen and I think it should be encouraged. But perhaps take the gamble with 'Dragons Den' money rather than ours:
I don't trust it simply on the fact they are using eBay for their store front. The old listing was pulled down specifically because eBay terms and service disallow "deposits", you are always purchasing an item and take the risk yourself if the ad indicates the item does not exist yet.

If they were really looking to gauge the market on this then I'd expect them to do it via Kickstarter or some such, and lay out an actual plan for costs of production, minimum orders needed, expected yields, etc... and then directly post it onto all DeLorean related forums to hit your target audience spot on. I mean, who are they intending to sell these to if they don't actually advertise them to DeLorean owners?

I mailed them when the first eBay auction was up and they couldn't answer any queries about expected batch sizes, production methods they intend to use, how they intend to profit from a market price of £300 per fender (assuming 200 cars in the UK most of which _don't_ need new fenders, that's not a gigantic market for all the tooling required). All I got was a wishy-washy answer suggesting I buy-in and will find out more in the coming months.

This is either a scam, a prop for their failing trademark case or a very under-thought business strategy that I wouldn't trust until I see a manufactured fender.
The advert seems to have gone again….