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Full Version: Rear calipers wanted
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Hi all
In need of both rear calipers, in any condition for refurbishment
Handbrake mechanism not required, as all the threads in mine have been destroyed by the refurbishing process!!!!!! Gutted

Or any ideas or leads where I can get some from would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Mike
I assume you had them re-plated? If so they must have been left in the pickling acid too long! Tell us who it was and we can avoid them the future.
Hi Chris
The guy I used repairs motorbikes and was round the corner from work from me, can't think anyone else would use him. Going too see him tomorrow to discuss it, was a bit dissapointed really
You could try Ward Engineering: but I think you will struggle to find some old ones especially as the DeLorean ones are different from the Jag ones. You may have to look around some old Jag breakers and settle for Jag ones with the smaller piston size.
ThisĀ guy had some last year. Jag versions, not OEM. There are a few others on eBay at the moment too.
we use BIGG RED for brake caliper refurbs, they did an amazing job on the ones we had on our
Toyota Sera, the car had been laid up for 6yrs, and they were a rusty mess when we sent them off,
couldn't believe they were the same ones when we got them back.
Hi All
Thanks for all your replies, just to let you know I have now sourced some from ED Uding which have already been refurbished, he is kindly sending them to me in the next few days

Restoration coming along great, diaried it all along the way, will make excellent viewing

Thanks again
I'm just rebuilding the IRS of a 1989 Jaguar XJS and the calipers are the same as my DMC. Its type used on the inboard IRS set up, not when Ford bought Jaguar and decided that the Jaguar Engineers were a bit nutty and so they moved the calipers to the hub on later Jags! I dont know what Ford were so miffed about about, I mean having to remove the whole rear suspension *just* to replace the calipers seems perfectly reasonable to me..... :-D Loads on Ebay, but really recommend Berkshire Jags if you want to get a refurb pair.
nice one Steve, thanks for the info Smile